Michael will be home for the summer soon. He's going to be working nearby and living here. And then, he has just eight credits and a final season of soccer on campus and he will be home again, newly graduated and living here before he is launched into the world.

Patrick is at home now. But there are opportunities on his horizon that will take him far from home --- and then home again. And then far from home. And then home again.

And of course, it is a well-established fact that my husband leaves home frequently to bless his family and then, he comes home again.

I stand at the dawn of a new season of family life. The season of leaving and coming home again.

What is this place that my family calls "home?"

Is it a soft place to land after working hard in the world?

Is it a place of encouragement and kindness?

Is it warm and familiar and predictable?

Is home an anchor in their hearts and minds and souls, the place of peace they carry with them?

Is it a domestic monastery?

I think I'll think upon these things in the next few days.