Daybook for the Beginning of May

Outside My Window

There is a soccer game about to begin. I’m sitting in the rec center, soaking up the last of the cool comfortable air before assuming my position in the 90 degree heat next to artificial turf which will make it feel like 110.


I am Listening to

Rec Center noises.


I am so Grateful for

I’ve always meant to join Ann’s gratitude community but never got organized to do the posts on time. Ann told me that this Daybook is my gratitude journal. So, with that kind of encouragement, here’s my list for last week. Last week was quite a week

1.)    My husband won an Emmy Award as Director of Pardon the Interruption. And then, Christian’s godfather won two Emmys for camera work on a long feature and a tease. Interestingly, my children all took to their cameras last week and videos were multiplying in my house like mushrooms in the rain. Patrick and Mary Beth collaborated here.

2.)   On Wednesday, Mary Beth and Patrick were confirmed. It was everything I’d every hoped and prayed.

3.)   On Thursday, I marked a bittersweet anniversary in the company of good friends.

4.)  And then, on Friday and Saturday, our new book began to make its way out into the world…

I'm Pondering

Perfection consists in being what God wants us to be. ~St. Therese


I am Reading
lots of books on St. Benedict.


I am Thinking

About how I spend my time online. Again. Over the past few years, I’ve come to cherish quiet and a place of my own. And then I think about how Pope Benedict has called us to be the soul of the internet. What does that mean? Certainly, it is a matter for prayer.


I am Creating

Lesson plans. Lots of lesson plans.


On my iPod



Towards a Real Education

This week, we move back into a more bookish rhythm. It has grown quite hot outside and the transition towards indoor pursuits during the heat of the day will be a welcome one.

Towards Rhythm and Beauty

Giving lots of thought to our summer routine. Gracie will be back among us, so I want to pay especial attention to plans for little girls. I think we’re going to make the summer a Little Flowers camp sort of thing and do two wreaths over the course of the summer.


To Live the Liturgy

As I think about time and how we manage ourselves in time, I am ever more aware that truly living the liturgy of the hours is the best way I can live authentically in God.


I am Hoping and Praying

That I can remember that we are all in need of healing, and so not let the words of others pull the scabs off my own wounds.

In the Garden

Mike and the boys worked really hard in the garden on Saturday. New soil was trucked in and weeds were obliterated. They built up the beds and put in some edging material. Our strawberry plants are full of green fruit and sweet white flowers. The roses all have buds and Karoline brought me the first rose of the season yesterday. Newly planted petunias promise to bring us a summer full of color and the peonies are truly about to burst into bloom.

Around the House

The house is pretty clean, top to bottom. On Friday, Mike announced he might like to go down to the basement this weekend. He put the fear of God in his progeny. Next thing I knew, big people and little people were moving mountains down there. At one point, they imported neighborhood teenagers to help. No doubt the order of things makes sense only to them and I will have some work to do, but it’s progress. I think.


From the Kitchen

A cookout today after soccer: hamburgers, hot dogs, baked beans, potato salad, fruit salad, avocado salad, and those amazing Pioneer Woman mocha brownies.


One of My Favorite Things

The first Mass of the day on Sunday. I love the early morning walk to church. I love the whole idea of starting the week with an early beginning before the tabernacle.


Sarah Annie this week

My little monkey wants climb all the time—at the playground (up the slide and the ladders), in the kitchen and the bathroom, and especially on the dining room table. Speaking of the dining room, she wants nothing to do with the high chair. That particular peculiarity is downright annoying.


A Few Plans for the Rest of the Week

Mary Chris and I are going shopping. That’s huge news for me. I love Mary Chris, but I don’t like shopping at all. Alas, I need clothing and the catalog buy and return drill isn’t very practical. So we will go shopping and she will make it fun (or at least keep me from crying).


Going to head back down to Bull Run to see how much it’s changed in the last couple of weeks.

Christian turns eighteen on May 6th. That's big.


Mike’s heading to Utah. He handles television for Real Salt Lake. He spends a lot of time in Utah. This time, however, he’ll come home with an MLS championship ring. An Emmy, a ring—the man has acquired more bling this week than in his entire lifetime.


I will be signing books at the Catholic Shop in Chantilly, Virginia from 1-4 on Saturday afternoon. I sure would love to see you there!


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