Makes Sense to Me

Just before Mass this morning, my friend Jen whispered, "I got your book in the mail yesterday. It's beautiful!"

I'm pretty sure my face fell.

Jen picks up on these things.

"You don't have yours yet? I'll bring mine by this afternoon."

And I giggle a little at the God of it all.

Of course, I wouldn't get my book in the mail first. Of course, I'd see it first when it came courtesy of Jen. After all, it is Jen who is encouragement personified. And that's what the book is all about: encouragement, support. It's about women bonding together to study virtue and help each other on the way. It's about lending an ear or holding a hand as we take small steps together.

So, I don't even get to see the book without the kindness of a friend. And that makes perfect sense to me.

Perhaps there is someone in your life who would be blessed if you brought her this book?