Is Mike Foss Covering the World Cup?

Well yes, he always does, in some form or fashion, what with that ESPN job and all. He is not going to South Africa. Nor is he going to Bristol this year, thank God.  But wait, there's another Mike Foss in this house. Did you mean him?


He's a little bigger now and he's polished those writing skills beyond simple narrations. Yes, indeed, he is covering the World Cup! Today in USA Today, he has a full-page color spread, breaking it all down for you. He tells you what to watch for, which games to skip, who the key players are and what their challenges will be. He makes sense of the game and inspires you to watch, even if you've never cared about soccer. (Seriously, are there people who never cared about the most watched sport in the world?)


If you don't happen to be reading this from any hotel in America, where USAToday is awaiting you outside your door, or from a Starbucks, where it is readily available, you can read it online. And if you are really into the greatest soccer tournament in the world, you can chat with him live at 1:00 today. Go ahead, chat away. He's pretty cool. We should know; we talk soccer with this expert all the time. Hang on, he's an expert? Yeah, I guess he is. USA Today's soccer expert. Pretty cool.