Daybook: First of July

Outside My Window

It’s hot, humid, and horribly sticky.


I am Listening to

The sound of vuvuzelas. It’s all soccer, all the time, around here lately. When there isn’t a match being played and it sounds quiet, there’s an app for that;-) and Nicky appears to have downloaded it to every iPod in the house.



I am so Grateful for

I’ve always meant to join Ann’s gratitude community but never got organized to do the posts on time. Ann told me that this Daybook is my gratitude journal. So, with that kind of encouragement, here’s my list for the last few weeks:

1)   Morning quiet 

2)   Mike had two days off in a row.

3)   Date night at a new Asian Fusion restaurant with amazing tuna sushi

4)   A clean house

5)   A clean heart

6)   A clean slate

7)   Gracie. Gracie is spending the summer with us. We’ve created a new blog category called “Summer of Grace.” It’s especially for Gracie’s mom, who is in Colorado, missing her something fierce. I don’t know how long Gracie will be here. Maybe just for the summer. Maybe for much longer. And so, I seek to cram everything I can into this summer—to make it the little-girl summer of our dreams-- because I know not if we’ll pass this way again. And even as I hurl myself headlong into living life to its fullest with this child, I brace myself because I know the sting of goodbye and it might be right around the corner. Come to think of it, this summer is a microcosm of every intentional life with children, isn’t it?

8)   A long, long talk with Bobby, where, among other things, he shared with me some lessons on public criticism and perfectionism and friendship. He’s grown such much and I am ever grateful for him in our lives.

I'm Pondering

Blessedness does not lie in knowing something about God, but rather in possessing God within oneself. ~St. Gregory of Nyssa


I am Reading
Praying the Mass—this a must have for every Catholic household as we look to embrace the changes in the Roman Missal.

Rome and the Eastern churches—not an easy read, but a necessary one.



I am Thinking

That taking time away from the internet was a very, very good thing.


I am Creating

A  haven at home, one that welcomes big kids and little kids, both my own and the ones that come my way for a just a little while.


On my iPod

My Audio School. What a blessing! What a huge, huge blessing.


Towards a Real Education

‘reading, ‘riting, ‘rithmetic and a Family Bible Study. Simple. Worthwhile. Enduring. And yes, we are going to share the Bible Study. Look for it around the beginning of August.


Towards Rhythm and Beauty

Dear Sweet Lord, You have impressed upon me how important the rhythm of sleep is. Please teach me how to get it. The rhythm, I mean. And the sleep. Amen.


Here’s the deal: Michael trains until 10:45 and then drives home, arriving around 11:30. Paddy trains until 10 and Mike brings him home, around 10:30.Christian leaves for work at 6:45 some mornings and comes home as late as 9:30 some evenings. Nicky is up at 7. He and Stephen going running at 7:15. Sarah follows shortly thereafter (with the waking, not the running). I’ve taken to rising around 5, sometimes even a little earlier, in order to frontload my day with quiet, prayer, and exercise. There are an awful lot of us, each with his or her own rhythm. Makes it hard to sleep. Ever.


To Live the Liturgy

I have been reading and reading and reading about liturgy. But more than that, I have been praying liturgy. Really, the praying is more fruitful than all the reading about in the world.


I am Hoping and Praying

For Gracie’s mom.

In the Garden

We’ve picked our first Sungold tomatoes. It looks like our basil has dodged the dreaded blight, so far. The roses are rockin’! Oh my goodness! They are glorious! We have vases of roses all over the house, all the time.  We have a never-ending supply of fallen rose petals for our mudpie kitchen. And I never tire fresh roses.

Around the House

I’m puttering. The house has been clean since the internet break began (hmmm, is there a message there, perhaps?). So, I’ve been puttering and tinkering and thinking about big projects, but not so much doing them, because Mike has some huge projects going on at work. I need to hold off on creating chaos at home until they are well in hand. January, I’m looking at you!


From the Kitchen

 The summer menu is happening around here. And there’s an abundance of summer fruit. We haven’t done too much picking this season. Our van is not so road-worthy that it wants to carry us all out to the orchard and we don’t all fit in the other car. But Costco is well stockedJ


One of My Favorite Things

Thunderstorms. I love thunderstorms in the summer. I loved them when I managed swimming pools and it meant we got to shut it all down and hunker in the guard house playing…I love it now when it means certain respite from the heat and a cooling darkness in mid-afternoon. I love the sounds and the wind and the fact that my plants can always use the rain. Bring it on!


Sarah Annie this week

It’s been two months since my last daybook. My baby isn’t so baby any more. She walks and talks. She flirts. She plays “babies” with her sisters. She “helps” me cook dinner. She burrows herself ever more deeply into my heart.


A Few Plans for the Rest of the Week

We’re planning a  4th of July bash on the 3rd of July. Our neighborhood fireworks are that night and they are very well seen from our backyard. Cookout, hangout, lookout.


My house has  a revolving door lately! Stephen and Paddy spent a week at soccer camp. The day after they came home, Mary Beth left for the beach with a friend. When she returns, Michael will go to the beach with a friend. When he comes back, Christian will leave for the beach with a friend. And then, I think Paddy goes again. There’s a whole lot of missing going on with these little ones.


Picture thoughts:

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