Daybook upon the Return Home from Away

Outside My Window

It’s 95 degrees but it “feels like” 100. I’m not a big fan of hot. Not at all. I wilt, droop, sag...


I am Listening to

The songs from the Sound of Music sung as only my darling little girls can sing them. We went to see an absolutely fabulous live performance while in Charlottesville and the girls have been singing ever since. They are also often found to be singing and dancing on furniture (we’re hoping that particular part of this phase will be short-lived). The show has finished its run, but I'm betting the rest of the season is well worth seeing if you're in the neighborhood (Barefoot in the park? Hmm, might need to plan a trip). And yes, we brought all the kids. The boys enjoyed themselves, despite themselves and even the little girls made it to the very end.


I am Wearing

Denim capris, a pink oxford cloth shirt with the sleeves rolled up to the elbow, and new Once Upon a Shine lipgloss in Sheer Blossom. Isn’t lipgloss grand? Instant pick-me-up, not terribly costly and  one size fits all.


I am so Grateful for

Restorative time away with people I love in a place I cherish.


I'm Pondering

concepts create idols; only wonder grasps anything. ~ Gregory of Nyssa 

I am Reading

From this list. I tend to binge.


I am Thinking

That meeting Katherine Malone outside of Anthropologie on Saturday morning was very much an answer to prayer. Bless you, dear lady, for having the courage to introduce yourself and for sharing so generously from your heart. I am very, very grateful.


I am Creating

Nothing at the moment, but I have a notion to call a friend and see if maybe this is the summer to really learn to knit.


On my iPod

This song, sent to me by my friend Donna, early one morning, while I was away. Donna has a knack for sending just exactly the right words at the right time, so that there is absolutely no doubt she was inspired by the Holy Spirit. She sure did this week. Click and close your eyes for just a few minutes.


Towards a Real Education

Big deep breath in this department. I’m buckling down to plan in a big way this week. We’re talking utter simplicity here.  Tell you one thing’s for sure, I already have a booklist and I mean to use it extensively this year.


Towards Rhythm and Beauty

Well, we’ve done quite a bit of work on rhythm lately. One thing not on my list but often suggested is a nap. I’m going to try to get one in every day this week. I’m still not feeling totally well and I think the extra sleep will be key to recovery. I also plan to get back on that bike.


To Live the Liturgy

I want to get back into my daily Mass habit now that I have some big kids around to help me dash out for a quick midday encounter with Christ.


I am Hoping and Praying

That I will protect and ponder the treasure gained from my time away  from the internet and from the heart-to-heart conversations of the past week.

In the Garden

My poor plants are hanging in there, despite the overwhelming heat and absence of rain. The garden is struggling along but I’m not giving up hope for a comeback if the only the rain would fall freely.

Around the House

I had this little daydream going while I was away (with everyone under 16). I dreamt that those left at home would think to themselves, “Gee, wouldn’t it be really cool if we cleaned the whole house top to bottom while Mom is gone so that she would be greeted by utter loveliness and grace when she got home?” Then I realized how ridiculous that was and just hoped they might clean their own rooms. In the end, I was touched by the thoughtfulness of a nicely made bed.


We’re –ahem—cleaning this week; house looks like I left college students alone too long.


From the Kitchen

Leftovers from the party for World Cup final. Well, it wasn’t really a party, just us and a couple of Paddy’s friends I’d never met before. And after Mass this morning, Nicky invited Fr. T to come by for the game and he was able to make it. Nicky was tickled and we were delighted to have his company.


One of My Favorite Things

Walking the Lawn with my littlest in a frontpack and my three-year-old in a stroller. I walked that walk so many, many times. I could never have imagined being so richly blessed twenty years later.



Sarah Annie this week

She had a grand time at my dad’s house.  She stayed awake for the entire production of The Sound of Music. The next day, she was quite the trooper as we walked and window-shopped and lunched with a friend. She’s also very fond of frozen custard, the chocolate-vanilla twist, daily, if you please. Pretty sure I gained back every ounce I lost. Someone had to keep that custard from dripping.


A Few Plans for the Rest of the Week

Ummm…I don’t know. I have very few plans for this week. There’s that housework thing calling my name and I see soccer is back on the schedule at least twice this week.

I have a big stack of books to mail (Thank you! For your overwhelming interestJ.

And we really need to research and make some dance decisions…Then there’s Gracie’s summer to-do list; gotta get to some of those things.


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