Outside My Window


A Rainbow.This was a few days ago, but still…

I am Listening to

Quiet baby breathing (don’t you dare tell me she isn’t a baby any more!)

I am Wearing

A George Mason soccer t-shirt and yoga pants—summer pajamas at their best.

I am so Grateful for

~A happy big boy off to Texas for a quick trip and then on to start his last semester of college.

~Silk creamer in cinnamon tea

~Tomato plants gone wild

~A teenaged boy tenderly caring for “his” roses and worrying what may become of them if they are left in my care for an extended period of time.

~Beach memories

I'm Pondering

What is your will for me, O God?

I await your plan.

I want to live only for you

and be guided by you always.

Grant that your holy will be done in me.

~St. Jane de Chantal

I am Reading

I’m previewing Middle Ages books and gathering and organizing literature choices for all ages these days. I admit to having done significant tinkering to my plan when two brown-eyed boys told me that they really wanted to study the Middle Ages AND have a book club with the boys across the street. Seriously, how often do you have 9 and 11 year-olds begging for a booklist? And how often do you happen to have homeschooling friends right across the street? Not very. I’m learning to seize the day.

I am Thinking

Way. too. much.

I am Creating

New chore charts. Right now, they are just in my brain. I’m waiting to see what happens with Paddy before committing anything to paper. But no matter what, I won’t have Mary Beth or Paddy at home in the evenings and Paddy will be gone at least three days a week. We need to do some serious overhauling of the distribution of labor.

On my iPod

Downloading so very much from We’re going to be doing quite a bit of listening to literature in the car this year.

Towards a Real Education

I was going to start “school” this week, but we’re expecting five GMU soccer players to come in on Wednesday and Thursday and stay until move-in on Sunday. Michael and Mike will be in Dallas early this week. Christian has to work. Then, next week, Nicky has soccer camp from 10:30 – 12:30 and Stephen has it from 4-6. Kind of hard to find that rhythm. We’ll start a few things, if for no other reason than I really want to play with the CM organizer in action;-).

Towards Rhythm and Beauty

Still really working on clearing out clutter. The aforementioned houseguests are inspiring cleaning of the dreaded basement.

To Live the Liturgy

This is a very lively and lovely liturgical week.

Monday the 9th: St. Teresa Benedicta (Edith Stein) who is much quoted in Real Learning.

Tuesday the 10th: St. Lawrence (this was my parish in high school and the church where I was married)

Wednesday the 11th: St. Clare

Thursday the 12th: St. Jane de Chantal who is much quoted in Small Steps.

Saturday the 14th: St. Maximilian Kolbe

Sunday the 15th: Solemnity of the Assumption

Big week.

I am Hoping and Praying

For my mother who has eye surgery tomorrow and for my father-in-law who has heart surgery on Friday and my father, who is scheduled for knee surgery.

For Michael, who has some big things on his calendar this week.

In the Garden

Patrick did some major pruning and lots of weeding. The roses continue to boom and the tomatoes are quite profuse.

Around the House

Someone please tell my why it’s so much easier to keep house at the beach. I cooked (every single meal), I cleaned, I did laundry.Why is it so much moreat home? So much more…

From the Kitchen

Watermelon, lots of watermelon. And we’re going to pick peaches and raspberries and corn this week. It’s going to taste like summer right up until the very end if I have anything to say about itJ

One of My Favorite Things

Weekends when Mike gets to stay home the whole weekend and  none of the kids “have to” do anything.

Sarah Annie this week

Chatter-pie, she is. Talk, talk, talking, all the time. She’s going through a definite “mommy, mommy” stage, where she won’t let me make any sudden moves away from her. Mostly, I’m good with it. I have definitely learned how short these stages are. There will be plenty of time away – later.

A Few Plans for the Rest of the Week

Michael wraps up his internship tomorrow with some interviews, and then,

Well, there’s the soccer B&B thing and Mike and Michael jetting to Dallas to have all sorts of fun with my-friends-first without me.

And all those feast days.

And peach picking.

And more time with the CM organizer (I think I'm an addict).

And a total revamp of menu plans to reflect the fact that no one will be home to cook at least three days a week this fall…

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