Daybook-August Waning

Outside My Window

A summer day. A yard that needs mowing again because we actually had real rain this week. Gathering clouds…


I am Listening to

Karoline singing the ABC song, interspersed with Do-Re-Mi…


I am Wearing

A t-shirt, shorts and a heating pad. My neck and shoulders are so tight I can’t turn my head.


I am so Grateful for

~Jen, Julie, and Mary Chris—who made Wednesday much better than Tuesday. Thanks for calling, for coming by, for laughing with me. Gosh, I needed to laugh! (And, Julie, thanks for loaning us Bailey.)

~A lot of time at Starbucks this last week to write and people watch and collect my thoughts. I wouldn't want to live that way all the time, but for that week, it was a good thing.

~Mike's perspective and patience.


I'm Pondering

These words, quoted by one of my favorite priests this morning and sent to me by an old friend. I pray it’s so!


He drew a circle that shut me out,
Heretic, rebel, a thing to flout.
But Love and I had the wit to win,
We drew a circle that took him in.

~Edward Markham


I am Reading
Safe People.


I am Thinking

About this scenario and that scenario and the other scenario, and wishing I’d just know WHICH scenario already so I could get on with it!


I am Creating

New chore charts.  I still don’t know if Patrick will be here or not, but I expect to have that final piece of the puzzle soon. In the meantime, I’ve been working on “training” some small people for slightly larger jobs.


On my iPod


Also sent by my friend Karen this morning.Once upon a time, Karen and I were pregnant together, awaiting spring babies and sharing faith on a college campus. Those boys are 18 years old now.  I am proud to report that I did not cry when I watched this video. Instead, I watched and was very grateful for all the seasons that lie ahead. That’s serious progress, ladies:-)


Towards a Real Education

I polished up the Middle Ages Reading List for everyone from Karoline to Christian.  I finished (for now;-) logging it all in on the CM Organizer. I completely cleaned and organized the sunroom for our learning purposes. We’re good to go! Tomorrow.


Towards Rhythm and Beauty

Yesterday, the little boys’ practice schedules were finalized. I fought the urge to curl up in ball and put my hands over my head (which is where we left off at the end of last season). Instead, I gridded it all into iCal and then I planned menus around it and then I talked with my bigger kids and we planned who was going where when. I feel sort of better. A little. Maybe.

Until Paddy arrives and things get thrown again.

Until Ballet registration and I learn something I hadn’t previously known.

Until Katie starts swimming.

Until the inevitable unplanned….


To Live the Liturgy

Still focusing on St. Monica.


I am Hoping and Praying

~For my father, who is scheduled for knee surgery tomorrow.

~For Patrick who will have some big  decisions to make any minute.

~For my niece, Catie Lea, who begins her college adventure on Tuesday –and for her mama, Michele.

In the Garden

Tomatoes, tomatoes, tomatoes.

Around the House

We’re going to paint this week. My friend Julie (who is the only reason my husband is trusting me with a paintbrush) says she’ll help with the bathroom painting. I know me: When you give a mom a paintbrush…


From the Kitchen

I’m kicking into the fall menu earlier than I’d like. The schedule is going to require some stewy, slow-cooked things. Personally, I’m not eating any of it. I’m existing on tea, green smoothies, an occasional soy latte, and sushi every now and then. Desperate times call for desperate measures.


One of My Favorite Things

Text messages from my boys—not really, but I’ll take what I can get.


Sarah Annie this week

I think she needs to go in to be weighed and measured. I’ve been looking at pictures of other ‘babies’ born when she was and she seems really tiny in comparison. I saw recent pictures of my cousin’s little girl, who was born a couple of months before Sarah and I had to stop and check to be sure that she was born before Sarah and not Karoline. I’m not really worried because she’s thriving and seems very well, but I have a hunch she’s teeny-tiny.


A Few Plans for the Rest of the Week

Soccer Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and  a tournament on Saturday and Sunday. Paddy comes home Monday night—I expect our schedule this week will be affected somewhat by whether or not he’s going to return to Florida for the full-year residency program.

We are going to begin our lessons as planned.

And we are going to squeeze those last few weeks out of the neighborhood pool.


Picture thoughts:

Me: Kari, that outfit doesn't match.

Kari: Of course it does. Grandma gave me the shirt. Grandma gave me the pants. Both from Grandma, so they match each other. Perfect!