Daybook: Birthday week begins

Outside My Window

Stink bugs. These are tomorrow’s nature study subject. They are as obnoxious as they are ubiquitous. Ugh. Nasty. They dive bomb from out of no where and they are so ugly. Yuck.


I am Listening to

The postgame show for the DC United match. I’m think  Mike is producing it, which is the only reason I’m watching it.


I am Wearing



I am so Grateful for

~some time away with the children. We so enjoyed Williamsburg.

~the homeschooling moms at Colonial Williamsburg who recognized me (or my children) from this blog and stopped to chat. It was genuinely nice to connect. It was a really beautiful day and we enjoyed CW like never before. I think it was the happy homeschooling atmosphere that added an extra dimension.

-early bedtime tonight for my wee ones.


I'm Pondering

 the quote on the home page of Susan Wise Bauer.

I am Reading

The Complete Writer: Writing with Ease Instructor Text. I highly, highly recommend it and the workbooks that go with it: one, two, three & four. Highly recommend. Highly. (I just wish I'd thought to check Amazon before I invested in the whole shooting match.)


I am Thinking

I’m really, really tired. I’m only writing here because I’m forcing myself to stay awake until Mike gets home. I pretty much haven’t seen him in two weeks. Which is probably part of why I’m so tired. I’m also thinking that I do miss having time to blog. Seems like I can never cobble together enough time for a whole post lately. Forgot to link to this column this week, too.


I am Creating

Yet another packing list...


On my iPod

Where is my iPod and who keeps taking it???


Towards a Real Education

Last week, we listened to history in the van all the way down to Williamsburg and back and did some math and writing on Friday. We spent an entire day living history in Colonial Williamsburg. This week, it’s back to the sunroom table and business as usual.



Towards Rhythm and Beauty

This week will challenge my efforts at routines. It always does. We have four birthdays in six days and four feast days to celebrate. And this year, we’ve decided to throw in a huge surprise.


To Live the Liturgy

The Feast of the Archangels, St. Therese, the Guardian Angels and St. Francis.


I am Hoping and Praying

~for my birthday babies: Michael on the 29th, Katie on the 30th and Patrick on October 2nd.

~for Mike. Big, big week at work this week. Would you whisper a prayer to St. Joseph on his behalf, please?

~for safe travels.

In the Garden

The mums are blooming and I think it’s time to pull the petunias and think about some pansies...Last year’s fall pansies got totally trampled by the wood guys during winter. This year, we’re going all in for some color now and even more color in early spring.


Around the House

The house is in good shape. We’ve hauled out at least two bags of “stuff” every week for the last month. And we’ve made considerable progress in the basement. One thing that made a huge difference very quickly was pulling all the DVDs out of their cases and putting them in these.


From the Kitchen


Quinoa Waldorf salad with apples, grapes, blue cheese, almonds



Chicken salad sandwiches



Chili w/sweet potatoes



Green chile corn pudding  and hoppin' john



Curried chicken soup



Steak, potatoes, salad



One of My Favorite Things

EO Hand Sanitizer. This stuff is ridiculously expensive. I'm playing with adding lavender oil to cheap hand sanitizer to get the same effect--which is hand sanitizer with a beautiful, natural scent. It's not the same, but still...


Sarah Annie this week

I love it when she calls out to her brothers and sisters: “Wait for me, guys!” They always do.


A Few Plans for the Rest of the Week

Birthdays and Feast Days. Big celebrations!


Picture thoughts: