Sometimes it's more fun to talk

I haven't had much time to blog lately, and I do miss these pages and the chance to let my fingers collect my thoughts. As I settle into our fall routine, I'm hoping to have more moments at the keyboard. I did find myself sharing a cuppa with some fine ladies last week, though, chatting, not writing.

Danielle and I had the opportunity to sit and talk with Lisa Hendey for a Catholic Moments podcast. We shared thoughts on balancing a writer's work with family life and we talked about how tthe books encourage and enhance a closer relationship with Christ amidst the busyness of mom life.

With Pat Gohn, Among Women, we had a long talk about Small Steps, the writing process, and particularly about diligence--developing the virtue in ourselves and our children. We laughed a bit and yep, I even cried (a podcast first for me). It was so nice to spend the morning among women, in the company of friends. Please listen. I hope you're blessed!