Daybook, a wee bit late

Outside My Window

Stephen is practicing soccer. He’s a little guy on this team. A little guy with a big heart and a crazy amount of skill. His team entered the travel soccer rotation for this club the year Michael’s team had just graduated. So,Stephen's team inherited the team name. And now, Stephen has Michael’s former coach. Little guy. Big heart. Same field. Same name. Same coach. Déjà vu..


I am Listening to

Shouts and whistles. And traffic outside Tyson’s Corner.


I am Wearing

Jeans and a sweater. I’m inside the car and I am COLD. Really.


I am so Grateful for

Where do I begin? I went to see Patrick last weekend.

~Sarah Annie was a doll baby on the plane, just perfect in every way.

~After agonizing through the first day and night there, Mike recovered from the stomach virus that gripped our family the week between Williamsburg and the Florida trip in time to enjoy two days with Patrick and to fully participate in Parent’s Weekend activities.

~my boy is in good hands. US Soccer is an institution America can be proud of .

~it was so good to see him and to hug him and to feed him.

~his school is nice.Nice people. Beautiful building. Ahem. I am no longer worried that home education was inadequate.

~I am even more committed to an essentially classical curriculum with a Charlotte Mason twist. And I’ve very grateful for the resources available to make it happen. Twaddle free, my friends. Twaddle free.

~Siesta Key is a beautiful place. I wish I could share pictures, but we took them with Paddy’s camera and then I took his cord home with me.

~some very good people took good care of my kids at home, despite a ridiculous number of unforeseen catastrophes.

~it only took me a day to restore order to my house.

there’s more, but that’ll work for now.


I'm Pondering

This video. Patrick's biology teacher shared it with us and told us it summed up perfectly what the class was all about. She also mentioned that the boys didn't understand why they need the class. I'm still pondering it. Because, I think I'm missing the meaning, too.

I am Reading

The teacher’s notes from Tapestry of Grace Year 2Tapestry of Grace Year 2; I bit a very big bullet and bought this curriculum guide. Shortly after we returned home from Williamsburg, everyone started throwing up and I thought, “You know what? Someone else, smarter than me, has figured all this school stuff out. I’m going to let her help me and I’m going to go wash sheets and towels and hold sweaty heads.”

There are schedules and assignments for the children, but honestly, I bought this mostly for my own education. I want to know this subject matter very, very well and to teach this subject matter well and these are the tools to do it. So I ordered (and I admit I was extremely sleep-deprived when I did so.)

Then, everyone was mostly better and I left for Florida. I was pretty sure I'd have buyer's remorse. When I got home, we pulled it all out of shrink wrap and got to work. So far, so good. I’m subbing my booklist into the framework. And, I’ve already re-worked the “reformation” weeks, too. It's not a Catholic curriculum. History is subjective and so is literature, so I offer my experience, sure that you already know that you have to adapt any curriculum to meet the needs of your family. This one is so complete and so thoughtful and so darn smart that I’m not doing that much tweaking. Mostly, I’m just working my books in and some of their suggestions out.


I am Thinking

That it sure was nice to get away with my husband and we sure did enjoy having Sarah Annie all to ourselves. A bit spoiled that last one is;-).


I am Creating

A color scheme for my house. I really, really want to paint the walls before Thanksgiving. Ironically, I loved the color scheme at Paddy's school and it was all I could do not to ask them if they had swatches.


On my iPod

Pop Quiz. Genius idea.  A little homework for Dad, keeps him totally in the loop, and I've listened, too and learned a lot already!


Towards a Real Education

I am so very happy to have a “regular” week this week. Please God, no illnesses or unforeseen injuries. And next week would be good, too. I am quite ready to settle into a nice pattern of ordinary days.


Towards Rhythm and Beauty

This week we will begin to bring touches of autumn inside. The nature table begs for a change of season. And I just want to keep filling the house with the smell of apples and spice. Need to figure out a way to feed Patrick better. Word is he doesn’t eat fruit or vegetables. He does at home. But the vegetables in that cafeteria don’t look like anything he’s ever wanted to eat.


To Live the Liturgy

Thursday is the Feast of Our Lady of the Rosary.


I am Hoping and Praying

For some dear friends on the brink of something new. Clinging to the sure knowledge that all things work together for good for those who love God.

In the Garden

Just as soon as it stops raining, there are so many weeds to pull and then we need to plant pansies and to put the beds to sleep for the winter. ‘Tis truly fall.

Around the House

The last of the summer clothes get put away tomorrow and then we inventory winter coats and hats.


From the Kitchen

It's been about six weeks since Patrick left. He's gained eight pounds. And I've lost eight pounds. His coach says he doesn't eat enough vegetables. (In his defense, he's always been a great eater of all things good for you, but the vegetables there are not really worth eating.) On the other hand, I've not eaten meat since he left. And I've eaten fruit and/or vegetables at every single meal. It's been nearly thirteen years since I gave up vegetarianism. I got rather fat in those years. I thought it was age. Now, I'm thinking my body really does run better on green fuel.


One of My Favorite Things

safe landings. Sarah Annie absolutely loved the the deceleration after touching down. She said, "Whoa....!!" And then, "Do again?


Sarah Annie this week

Oh my goodness, so many things! She insisted on a blue car in the rental car parking lot. And Mike accomodated her. That meant that we lovingly referred to the blue car all weekend long and we miss the blue car today. She was a little shy with Patrick's teammates, but warmed up after awhile and did charm them. I thought his coach was going to adopt her--and I definitely tightened my grip. He's already got one of my children; he can't have another;-). She loves the beach as much as Karoline hates it and was happy to check out the west cloast of Florida and report that there is no oil to be seen anywhere. Quite the happy traveler, she's ready to go again soon.


A Few Plans for the Rest of the Week

Lots of time at home during the school week. My mom comes down at the end of the week. It's a four way split for soccer this weekend. Nicky is in Virginia Beach. Stephen is in Maryland. Michael plays in Fairfax. And Patrick is playing at Red Bull Arena in New York (I think; that roster isn't firm until Thursday.)


Picture thoughts:




Big birthday smiles.