Blessed Birthday, Sarah Annie!

Little Sarah Anne3DSC_0057
My sweet Annie-girl! I think the most magical thing about two (so far) is knowing what is on your mind. You tell me things. You tell me everything. Still very much my baby, you look upon me as an extension of yourself and let me know every little thing that pops into your sweet head. And, oh my goodness, what a privilege and a joy it is to hear you think! You have so many interesting and delicious things to say.

I've spent nearly three years holding you. In the beginning, I held you inside of me, praying every moment that I could be a safe place for you to grow. And then, it wasn't safe any more and there you were, earlier than we expected-- tiny, fragile, perfect. How I held you then. All day and all night, close against my skin, breathing with you, willing you to breathe.

And even now, you still want me to hold you. And even now, I wish I could do just that forever. But I can't. Because you get bigger every day and you have so many things to do beside me, instead of upon me. One day, I know, you will not even need me next to you. My tiny miracle girl will sprinkle joy in the great big world.

So right now, I'm holding your dear fingers and I'm listening ever intently to every single word you lisp.  I'm thanking God for the miracle of you and the gift of watching you grow.