Taking Care of Business

There's a lot going on in my heart and my home, but none of it is ready for blogging. I do have a bit of business (quite a bit) to tend here, though. You've sent lots of questions and here are some answers.

First up, in- real- life- appearances: I'll be speaking at St. John the Beloved in McLean on Friday from 10-12. On Saturday, I'll be signing books at the Basilica of the National Shrine of the of the Immaculate Conception in Washington, DC from 1-5.

The most frequently asked question lately is where to purchase the wooden saint dolls most recently seen here and here. They are made by Tamie at Catholifolktoys.com. She has an Etsy shop here. Yes, they do make awesome stocking stuffers:-)

The second most frequently asked question is where is Katherine and what happened to Evlogia (and a dozen variations on that theme). Katherine has a new site and she shares her story there.

Homeschool Blog Awards: I respectfully declined to be nominated this year. Thank you for your kind words and appreciation.

The leaf activity: Beeswax can be puchased here. That's a great price and the pellets melt much more quickly.

Dollhouses: We have one sort of like this one. And this tree house and this, too. Remember, we've accumulated these over 22 years:-).

Dead End Searches:

Monk diet: I talked about that here.

Cancer living books: I've never blogged it but I remember this one  being very helfpul. I'm sure that in the last twenty years, there are others.

Basilica: my favorite place in the world. You can see it in all these posts, and probably more:

A Day of Grace

Midnight Mass with Little People

Midnight Mass at the Basilica

Due Date

Chrysalis: My friend Barbara is Queen of the Caterpillar. Please visit her.

Japan study is here.

For Little House expertise, do visit Melissa Wiley.

Broccoli potatoes: Yum! They're here.

Aleks for math. I mentioned it briefly here (can't find the link) and a little more at Kind Conversation. I highly recommend it, particularly when paired with tutorials from Khanacademy.org. For the little ones, Dreambox.com is awesome, awesome, awesome.

Rev. Thomas VanderWoude: He's awesome, too. Visit Maryan for all things VanderWoude. They've just welcome Marion Jane. Isn't that awesome, too?

Wooden finger puppets: We call them Wee Felt Saints and you can find tutorials here and here.

Wool Felt dolls (sometimes called Waldorf dolls): I made one for Karoline. You can see it here.

Depression: There's this series and this whole archives category. Bless you! It's heavy cross.

Beeswax salve (you asked about olive oil salve--this is it).

Cloth Diapers (maybe one of my favorite posts ever)

That's all for now. Remember that though comments are closed here, you can reach me via email or you can comment on this or any other entry under its post on Facebook. Click here to follow me on Facebook.