Just a few dead end searches

Y'all are good! There were almost no dead end searches last week. I can easily toake a moment to help with the few there were:

Last Searches That Returned No Results (max 25 shown)

Le Creuset: I don't have any Le Creuset, but last year I bought a different Dtuch oven. You can read about that great adventure here. For what it's worth, I don't really recommend my brand. It's been almost a year and we've taken really good care of it, but it's pitting in several places. Makes me sad. Someday, perhaps, we will spring for Le Creuset.

Whoopie cookies: I wish!

St. Andrew's chaplet: Hurry, hurry! All you need is in these posts:

St. Andrew Chaplets

St. Andrew Christmas prayer

One Quiet Moment with God

And I found my ordering information from two years ago. I ordered my medals here.

Susan Wise Bauer: I don't think I've done a post on SWB, but she is sprinkled here and there. Email me if you were looking for something specific and we can find it together.

Golden Rice Pie: It's a Mollie Katzen recipe. I read it in one of her books, but I found it for you online here. I double the eggs and add some white cheese.

Devil's food peppermint: Stephen's Birthday cake! Yum. And might just show up at a Christmas party here.