Christmas Giveaway!


I was unaware that it arrived. One of my many helpers must have opened the package. He or she left it on the table right next to the foot of the stairs. It was there that it caught my eye as I was ascending with a stack of laundry. I stopped, went back down those few steps, put down the clothes and picked up the book. And there I was still an hour and a half later, while chaos threatened to bubble up around me and the laundry begged to be tucked away.

I read randomly, flipping through essay after essay, remembering old friends and discovering new inspiration.  Stories for the Homeschool Heart is a book of lessons. Between the covers, we read the lessons mothers learn when they open their hearts to teaching their children at home. It sounds so cliche to write, "You'll laugh; you'll cry," but in that stolen hour and a half, I did both. And when I finally brought myself to put the book down and get on with my day, I was better for having stopped everything to read. And to listen. There's a lot of wisdom there.

The ladies at Stories for the Homeschool Heart are having a giveaway. Drop everything and go enter because today's the last day. And then meander back here, because I'll give you a few more days and another chance to win something.

There's something else I want you to read. Theresa Thomas, who with Patti Armstrong, is an author-editor of Stories for the Homeschool Heart, recently wrote this thoughtful piece: What your Wife Really Wants for Christmas. Go on, read it; I'll wait. And when you come back, leave me a comment and tell me what you really want for Christmas. When you do, you will be entered in a drawing to win a copy of Stories for a Homeschool Heart.

Comments are open, but they are moderated, so you might not see yours right away. Today's that office bowling extravaganza; I'm going to be away from the computer:-) Comments close at 6 PM, my time, on Friday.