Small Steps for Christmas


After some local speaking engagements and a signing at downtown at the Shrine, I still have a few copies of Small Steps for Catholic Moms on hand, here at home. You can order here. I'm not so adept at promotion, so I'm going to quote from Daria Sockey's review in the current issue of Faith and Family:

If you're like me, you always make a New Year's resolution for regular spiritual activity. And if you're like me, your grand projects of daily Mass, meditation, or spiritual reading tend to peter out to "every now and then" before the end of January. This year I'm going to try a daily devotion that is more likely to last because it is: 1. short, 2. convenient, and 3. easy. Small Steps for Catholic Moms has one page for each day of the year. There's a (short) prayer in practical language that is straight from a mother's heart to the heart of God. Next comes a suggested action (of varying lengths). ...I love the way these activities flow out of the day's prayer, bringing home the lesson that there is grace to be found among the dishes, desserts, and diapers.

This book does indeed make an ideal Christmas gift. While certainly a woman can start at any time, the book itself begins on January 1st, and isn't it nice to begin at the very beginning?

I plan to ship on Friday, December 10th. Beyond that, I can take orders until December 14th. That is the day Michael gets home. He'll be glad to be home and glad to help out. But the novelty will wear off quickly, particularly if I send him to the post office the week before Christmas. So, you can order until the 14th and I promise to ship Priority Mail on the 15th. Then, the shop will close until after the first of the new year.

There are still copies of Real Learning available here, too. I noticed they are out of stock at Amazon.

And if you forget about this post, there's always the "shop" tab at the top of the page. I hope you can bless another woman in your life and cross of an item or two on your gift list with a purchase of Small Steps this Christmas!