Birthday Daybook


Outside My Window

Cold, cold, cold with a wintry mix in the forecast. Yay!

I am Listening to

Katie and Karoline playing in the bathtub.

I am Wearing

Pajamas, two pairs of socks, and sweatshirt with the hood up. No one else is cold. But I am. That thyroid thing.

I am so Grateful for

~Little girl with curls, all buckled in to go to the grocery store with Daddy. Two dolls buckled into the seats next to her. Double doll stroller in the trunk.
~Daddy who came in to get me before they set out on their errand, just because he wanted to share the cuteness with me.
~Just the thought of all the people in Costco who stopped to ask Karoline about the "babies" in her stroller.
~Laughing with Mike across the court at the entertaining second grade girls who played their first-ever basketball game this weekend. Laughing. So. Hard.
~Big brothers who can't decide whether to laugh or cry as the coach calls "Foss" in an increasingly exasperated tone throughout the game. They're seriously worried about the family's basketball reputation in this town.
~Winter from the top of a swing.
~Icy nature walks.
~Husband who suggests he make a big Chinese feast for dinner the night before my birthday and he makes enough for two nights, so now, we have dinner made and no pots and pans to clean tomorrow night.
~Hot baths with essential oils of eucalyptus and lavender. Herbal tea to sip in the tub. Warm within and without.
~A brand new doctor whom I really like and the hope that I will be feeling much better soon.
~Fondue night again this weekend with wonderful company and lots of laughter.
~Magic hairbrushes from England
~a Big Game to watch in bed on my birthday. War Eagle. (That was for you, Jan;-)


I'm Pondering

I learned long ago, not to pay attention to what I call, “Job’s friends.” (Those people who are free to give an opinion about your life and what you are doing wrong, and about not following all the “rules”,  when all along, God is at work in great ways.”) Sally Clarkson 


I am Reading

One Thousand Gifts on Kindle

Ordinary Work, Extraordinary Grace in hardback (but there is a Kindle version of that one, too).


I am Thinking

about this comment Aimee made on her Facebook page. This topic is very much on my mind lately and Aimee's comments really captured much of what I'm thinking. I'm going to leave it here for you to ponder. Do let me know what you think in the combox.

 When someone asks me what I wished I could do all over again during my college/early married years, it would be to really invest in learning the "domestic arts"...I spent years struggling and trying to learn things with babies under my feet :) I wish I had realized that my life would be my home and investing in the people in it and would take seriously that "job" and learn the skills involved!! Seriously! Any new job always has a big learning curve and it can take a professional years to really find their sweet spot in their job...I think the same is true when working at home. It's an investment of time and energy to become proficient in cooking, organizing, cleaning, managing, creating, decorating, serving, entertaining...but it's SO worth it and I have been blessed far beyond what I could have asked for or imagined. This life is a good and beautiful life. Didn't mean to turn this response into a mini-sermon....LOL!!!! Just wanted to encourage you to have fun serving your husband and your home now! :) Aimee Kollmansberger


I am Creating

I am going to learn to knit.

I am.

And I am so blessed to know that my teacher is both a gifted craftswoman and a beautiful friend. I am so looking forward to this.


On my iPod

Bob Books. I now seem to use my iPod for the Divine Office, trading off throughout the day with Karoline, who claims it for frequent visits with Bob.


Towards a Real Education

I'm on a happy picture book binge part with my four-year-old. Pure bliss. She loves stories as much and the way I love stories. It's very much a dream come true.


Towards Rhythm and Beauty

Candles. I'm thinking candles. As we move towards the time to pack Christmas away, I want to keep the candles. I've loved the light of this season, the way candles can light the rhythms, warm the transitions, bring a glow to the traditions of even ordinary days. More on that thought later, I think. Look for a small series of posts on candlelight very soon.


We're having a Kind Conversation about

Variations on classical education in high school.


To Live the Liturgy

It's a happy little fact that I was born on the first anniversary of Mike's baptism. That thought pleases me to no end...


I am Hoping and Praying

for Elizabeth deHority. She is constantly on my heart and in my prayers. She needs you now. Please, please pray with me.


Around the House

The tree came down today. I nearly cried. Poor Sarah Annie stood there as Mary Beth and I prepped boxes and cut bubble wrap. She knew what we were about. Her chin quivered and her eyes filled. "I love my Christmas tree," said she, over and over again. We explained that ballet begins again tomorrow and we really do need the space. No words could console. Daddy came along and swept her away on an adventure in the car. We hustled to get it all packed away while she was gone. As soon as she came back, she noted its absence and hurled dirty looks and plaintive wails at Michael, despite his best efforts to distract her with chili con queso and chips. Poor baby.

From the Kitchen

I've promised Mary Chris to get into a soup and salad habit with her. Well, actually, she invented this habit; I'm just trying to copy her.

One of My Favorite Things

Sunday Night Football. And Monday Night Football. Actually, I really just like football in general and football at night, even better. And I am going to miss it. Tomorrow night, though? Good football. War Eagle. (Again, for you, Jan. Smile and wave at the camera. I'll look for you.)

Sarah Annie this week

She's pretty much given up naps. This has me re-thinking our afternoons a bit, making a shift from baby mode to quiet afternoon little girl activities.

Oh, and Sarah Anne insists that we all live the Sound of Music. We've all been assigned a role and she insists we address each other by our "Sound of Music names." Bursting into song is to be expected. I'm living my favorite musical. How cool is that?

A Few Plans for the Rest of the Week

Tomorrow's my birthday. And we begin ballet again, so I get to visit with dear friends again. There's that winter storm predicted for Tuesday and Wednesday. I've promised my kids that as soon as we have a real snow day we'll make homemade marshmallows for hot chocolate.

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