Do it Anyway


No daybook, today. My brain is all amuddle. I'm working overtime to just keep pace, begging grace to sweep away dark thoughts. I don't feel like making my list. I hear Ann. Do it anyway. Eucharisteo. Beg the grace. Count the blessings. Fight for the joy.

Karoline is ever at my side these days. A little beam of sunshine, she is. But also, she seems needy--always tugging at me, always looking for my reassurance. I am reflected in her sunshine--my neediness. Today, we count blessings together. Today, we are reassured

~sweet oranges named Cara Cara

~morning time with Karoline when everyone else sleeps

~a new work in the atrium; appreciating the grace of baptism

~fleece sheets because they are so good to snuggle

~Sarah Annie calls Mary Beth her Fairy Godmother

~that hair grows and bad haircuts won't stay bad forever

~picture books read over and over again

~football food

~folding lavender-scented laundry when it's warm from the dryer

~toilets that flush (because we really don't like the ones that don't flush)

~little girls twirling in "spinny dresses"

~Jesus in Bethlehem

You pick the rest mom; I'm sleepy of this...

~an email that is healing balm and the sweet soul who sent it

~the way frosty grass crunches beneath my feet

~football in the backyard and rosy-cheeked boys

~ballet in the living room and rosy-hued girls

~friends for tea

~gluten free waffles on sale and the thoughtfulness of the man who bought them

~a run by the sushi restaurant on the way home from church

~the way she eats the top of the chocolate donut, leaving deliciousness all over her delectable dimples

~the rich glow of these hardwood floors, a year old now and the gift they've given us on Monday afternoons. spin and twirl, girls. you can!

~the silencer in my cell phone. i'm missing calls and messages; it's true, but I'm also escaping the tyranny of the urgent. life is not an emergency.

~a movie in bed with my husband and the big kids. a new tradition? i hope.

~birthdays and bad hair days. {i remember life threatening disease and baldness.} i count them blessings. all of them.