Winter Daybook


Outside My Window

It was 8 degrees outside when I got up this morning. Brrr.


I am Listening to

Karoline discussing plans for a Princess Bluebell Tea Party...


I am Wearing

Yoga pants, two sweatshirts, ski socks and slippers. Crazy cold.


I am so Grateful for

Good friends for my teenaged daughter.


I'm Pondering

See everything. Overlook a great deal. Correct a little ~Bl. Pope John XXIII 


I am Reading

One Thousand Gifts on Kindle

The Story of the Trapp Family Singers I actually read this one a couple of weeks ago. I read parts of the first few chapters aloud to Karoline, but she was totally frustrated. "Obviously, the person who wrote this book didn't pay very good attention to the movie. She got all the names wrong!" It's such a wonderful story of faith and family that I love to read it again and again.

That one got us on a little roll. We watched another movie that, while delightful, really deemphasizes the devoutness of the family in the screen version. My kids loved this movie--19 kids and yet another seafaring Dad! And then, I read the real story. It's a shame this book is not readily available. It's a wonderful read, well worth combing local libraries to find.


I am Thinking

About all your emails last week, following the first Stepping Together post. Your insights are valuable and they never fail to help me grow and to understand. God is amazing!

I am Creating

Karoline have done some early morning art surfing and resolved to get to these projects this week:

Town of Van Snow

Snowman Collage

Picasso's Rose Period Hearts

I'm finding Emily's posts on creativity really inspiring.


On my iPod

This new rosary app: Rosary Miracle Prayer App


Towards a Real Education

Random snippets:

I love the way the year is unfolding in harmony with the seasons: we should finish up the High Middle Ages and head into the Renaissance just in time for spring. Spring here tends to dissolve into nature and art and Shakespeare. This year, it will look like I planned it that way;-).

For as long as he has the time, Michael is taking two kids at a time downtown once a week to visit art galleries and museums. Katie and Nicky went last week. Once again, Nick's eyes filled with tears when it was time to head home. I don't think I'll ever tire of watching how much he loves to be in an art museum.

I talked education with several retired teachers and administrators at my father's birthday brunch yesterday. I was a little surprised by how open and supportive they were about homeschooling. Of course, it's entirely possible that they are just gracious and polite. Well, they were definitely gracious and polite, but they might just be good at pretending too. Still, it was very fun to talk kindergarten with someone who loves it as much as I do! When I have no kindergarteners left here at home, I wonder if I can persuade someone to send me theirs a few days a week, just so I can get my fix.


Towards Rhythm and Beauty

It appears that Karoline's new morning involves rising between 5 and 6 and having dozens of picture books read other before anyone else awakens. It's a lovely time.

Now to figure out when I will exercise and have my own quiet time...


We're having a Kind Conversation about

Getting healthy in 2011

To Live the Liturgy

I am so organized and ready for Candlemas. The link is to an old blog fair with posts on Candlemas. Lots of good reading there. I've been setting aside candles for several weeks now and I have a series of three posts all queued up and ready to go this week.


I am Hoping and Praying

for Elizabeth deHority. She is constantly on my heart and in my prayers. She needs you now. Please, please pray with me.


Around the House

The older my baby, the cleaner my house. I hope I never, ever forget this fact. I hate didactic admonitions all about how if you just get your act together, your house can look like Pottery Barn. The reality is that if I really am tuned into my baby and I really have my priorities straight, the house will be a little "in process" most of the time. And the rest of the time? It will be a mess.

But now, it's rarely a mess. And it's often quite clean. But I don't want to pat myself on the back and have any illusions that it's because I've at last mastered all those housekeeping details. The reality is that my kids are older. Period.


From the Kitchen

This week, Sarah has done my menu planning and I am so grateful!


One of My Favorite Things

Monastery Creamed Honey from the monks in Berryville. My stepmother offered it to me for tea on Saturday night. Then, I added it to my coffee yesterday.  Best cup of coffee ever. I'm not kidding.

I really want to get out to that monastery with the kids, soon.


Sarah Annie this week

She comes to me heavily laden, two small baskets in one hand, a third basket in the other, a blanket over her shoulders.

"You hold this?" she asks, handing me the first basket.

"You hold this?" she continues, with the second basket.

"And you hold this?" I take the third basket.

"You hold my blanket?" But of course.

She reaches both hand up, arms outstretched to me, as I shift her treasures in my hands. "You hold me, too?"

I'd like nothing better.

A Few Plans for the Rest of the Week

Due to extreme carsicknesses on the way back from Charlottesville yesterday, today's car trip to Fredericksburg to visit Beatrix and Larkspur has been postponed. I'm definitely bummed. Everyone whose age is double digits will be at the March for Life today. We've had some extra teenagers here and there last weekend--now everyone is off to DC to make a statement and effect a change.

The rest off the week is up in the air -- or not. Depending on Paddy's schedule, we may or may not be taking a quick trip to Florida...

Picture thoughts: