Control. Alt. Delete.

There were 13 men sitting in the stands at Katie's basketball game. Fathers of little girls, all of them, I think. Ten of them were messing with their phones during the game. Ten of them, thumbs moving, eyes down. Of the other three, two were holding babies and one was letting his son play with his phone.

Gentlemen, the game is only forty minutes long! Four ten-minute quarters. Surely there was nothing inside those wee computers that needed you so desperately during those forty minutes on a Saturday morning.

In other news, Katie Foss drives the length of the court. She stops short outside the key. A little off-balance, she shoots anyway.


First basket ever.


And I saw it all.

I'm so glad I forgot my phone at home.

In honor of Katie's first basket, I'm clicking the computer closed for a few days. Be back Friday.

(In the interest of full disclosure, Katie's daddy wasn't playing with his phone. He was at home curled up with his baby girl, taking a much needed nap.)

Be well, my friends.