Thankful for "Little Boys"

I'm a wee bit behind in capturing memories here. Stephen turned 12 on February first and I didn't even post a birthday post. (He was feeling pretty awful that day, but we did make a peppermint chocolate cake like last year's and it didn't slide off the plate this year:-). Actually, the only posts that have gone up since January's end were those that were programmed and ready to go before various viruses and other ailments hit our house. The kids have all been sick and I've been in autoimmune overdrive (not a good place to be).


But time marches on and, in this case, I really do want to capture it. Nicholas turned 10 just before Christmas. Stephen is 12. We still refer to them as the "little boys," but the reality is there are no more little boys around here. There are two boys poised on the edge of young manhood. Two boys who bless each other. Two boys who bless us. Two boys for whom I am very, very grateful.

~ God knew--really knew--when he surprised us with Nicholas that Stephen needed exactly that brother at exactly that time.

~Every time they are mistaken for twins, they think it's grand and wish it were so.

~ Stephen is gracious and unflappable whenever he's mistaken for the younger.

~They had a "Super" combined party this year and their mutual friends are really great kids.


~Nicky's hair is a mess because he refuses to let anyone but Patrick cut it for him. Patrick won't be home for another 18 days (not that anyone is counting or anything).

~They adore their basketball coach (who happens to be their big brother, Christian) and he is so very proud of them.

~They think Michael is about to start the coolest job on the planet.

~They recently discovered ping pong and now I'm quite sure we'll all make it through the winter.

~They are always tender and sweet to their little sisters even though I know they pray daily that God will send them a little brother.

{and so do I --because really, what a gift, a little boy...}