Daybook: Spring Hopes


 Outside My Window

The sun has just come up on what promises to be an truly beautiful day. I can hear birds singing outside the window. Spring promises. And I believe her.

{Nicky has just joined me in the front room. He sees a bluebird. We stop and watch together. Spring. Good, good spring.}


I am Listening to

those aforementioned birds. Sweet music.


I am Wearing

pajamas. Just rolled out of bed and want to use the quiet this morning to gather my thoughts. Then, I plan to click the computer closed until I get a bit of a writing session in a cafe later today.


I am so Grateful for

a husband who trusts. We've made some tough decisions the last few months. He's been steadfast in the trust department.

I'm Pondering

“Let us be grateful to people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom." ~Marcel Proust

Someone sent me note cards with that quote on them. Isn't that charmingly perfect for a new gardening season where the focus is on gratitude?


I am Reading

on my Kindle: You Can Understand the Bible by Peter Kreeft. I dearly love Peter Kreeft.

on audio while knitting: One Thousand Gifts (yes, this is the third time through--the audio version is my favorite) and  Truth and Life Audio Bible New Testament. Both of these books are available on audio for free if you are new to Audible and sign of for a 30 day free trial. I had been listening to a different audio Bible but this one is endorsed by the Vatican with an imprimatur  and oh. my. goodness! it's exceedingly well done.

in book form: The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society. Someone wrote to tell me yesterday that the audio version of this is really good, too.

I do love audio books. I like to tuck my iPod into an aprom pocket and listen while I clean. It helps to keep me on task. I'm much less tempted to wander off and check my email or get distracted by a catalog or otherwise stop working. As long as I'm working, I can keep listening and I do like to listen.


I am Thinking

That sometimes a little humor makes a serious point very well. The world is full of legalists and pharisees. Jesus spent an awful lot of time addressing them. He must have known we'd struggle with legalism, fueled by envy, until the day He comes again.


I am Creating

washcloths. Lots of them. I'm also helping Katie with her mittens and Mary Beth with her hat. And I'm about to launch into some serious Becky Higgins retro-scrapbooking with a big box of photos in the basement and the three nearly grown boys whose childhoods are held there.

This is exactly what I wrote last week. Still at it. Mary Beth has finished her hat. Patrick has requested a knitted hat. Why he needs a knitted hat in Florida in the spring and summer is somewhat unclear. He mumbled something about needing it to wear to breakfast...

Bedhead? Isn't that why baseball caps were invented?


On my iPod

Joel Clarkson. I'm working on a way to share this music on my blog. But for now, take my word for it: well done.


Towards a Real Education

Looking into high school co-ops for next year. There are several well-established homeschool co-ops or small schools that allow part-time homeschooler involvement. Several of the girls in Mary Beth's dance school attend them. Unfortunately, most have very exclusive statements of faith--that is they exclude Catholics. It's hard to see her grapple with exclusion.

A followup from last week: a couple people wrote to tell me about "statements of understanding." Apparently, some co-op will allow you to sign something that says you understand the statement of faith and won't argue or debate it. So, there's that possiblity. Also, I had a long conversation with a tutor at Classical Conversations who said she'd be welcome there. I'm not sure we want that level of intesity (nor am I sure it's in the budget), but she is going to shadow there next week. One thing is certain, homeschooling high school without a peer group for her and for me is not a good idea. She's my fourth. I know what has worked and what has not and I am determined to find some sort of group. 


Towards Rhythm and Beauty

We are doing "pre-Lent" in a big way this year. Patrick is home this week, but he won't be home next week, so I'm spending focused time with all my children discussing their plans for Lent and their walks with God. It's a good thing, one that I think will become a tradition.


We're having a Kind Conversation about

My sincere apologies to the good folks at Kind Conversation. I promise to check in soon. Gosh. Today, I promise.


To Live the Liturgy...

There are so many, many Lent ideas out there. I'm not reading them this year. One thing I'm doing to get ready for Lent is winnowing my time online to very little. So, reading Lent ideas isn't going to work for me. I'm looking forward to springtime quiet. And I'm so grateful that God has graced me with happy optimism about this spring. Happy, happy.


I am Hoping and Praying

for Elizabeth deHority. She is constantly on my heart and in my prayers. She needs you now. Please, please pray with me.

for these two darling boys who will be baptized this weekend.


 In the Garden

Patrick and Karoline worked hard to get everything ready for spring planting and blooming.


Around the House

all the windows are open!


From the Kitchen

chicken fajitas last night

grilled pork tenderloin tonight

pasta tomorrow night (soccer tournament and basketball finals--carbo loading)

steak and potatoes per Patrick's request before he goes back

lots of super fresh eggs from some very happy spring chickens


One of My Favorite Things

the smell of spring


Sarah Annie this week

her favorite pasttime is pulling a chair up to the pantry and opening the door. There, she finds shelves of  alphabetized spices mounted on the inside of the door. She likes moving them around. And now, she likes opening them, too. And dumping them. I have never--in nine kids--had kidproof latches. I'm seriously considering it.

And my vacuum smells awesome.


A Few Plans for the Week

Girls Club at the mission church tomorrow

Mary Beth and Nicholas both play in basketbal League Championship games Saturday. And Katie has her last game (which she is persuading everyone is a championship).

Stephen plays his first soccer tournament of the season

Paddy goes back to Florida on Sunday.

Nothing real notable for next week; we didn't get terribly behind on schoolwork this week, despite Patrick's presence, but we will work extra hard next week to make up for anything not done this week. 

Picture thoughts: