Five Minute Friday

5 minute friday I'm joining the Gypsy Mama for Five Minute Friday today. I love a creative challenge and I never have time for much more than five minutes on Fridays. Lisa-Jo comes up with the prompt and then, I just need to let my fingers walk through five minutes of random thoughts.

When I look in the mirror I see:

First, I'm so grateful this is not a full length mirror. I tend to avoid those these days. Just looking at the shoulders up. I see asymmetry. I have cowlicks that don't match each other. I have only one ear. On the side with no ear, there's lots of scar tissue where they tried to construct one, so I have a lot less hair on that side. One of my eyes is always open wider than the other.

I have a beauty mark (at least that's what my dad always called it) on my left side. It's right on a dimple, so you can't really see it if I smile.

My teeth are weird. The dentist commented on that recently. Two front teeth--not front and center, the other ones-- came in with little valleys in them. Mabye someday we'll fix that. Right now, I have four kids awaiting full orthodontia. I'm sort of used to my teeth. More important that my ten-year-old can bite properly.


My hair is pretty good. A great deal grayer than this time last year. But I figure I earned those, along with the fine lines around my eyes and the worry creasing my forehead.

My eyes are green. They get greener if I cry. Or wear pink. I wear pink all the time. Not because of my eyes, just because I like pink. Speaking of eyes, I'm totally unproductive if I don't wear my glasses or put my contacts in. I much prefer contacts because glasses don't stay on so well when one only has one ear.

If I squint hard enough, I can see my father in my face. If I squint again, I can see my mother. And if I were blond and blue-eyed, I'd totally see Karoline. Mike always says I look like Karoline. I wish, that when I look in the mirror, I saw what Mike sees when he looks at me. I have a hunch it's much better than what I see.

And that's five minutes.

Visit Gypsy Mama for more five minute creative spurts or to play along. And wish her well--baby girl arriving any day now!