Yarn Along: Surprised

Has it only been a week? Long, long week it's been. Mike is working crazy long days and traveling even more than usual. Throw in the preceding week of unexpected visitor from out of town and funeral, then merge to a serious complication following Christian's blood donation that has resulted in three different emergency room visits and countless consultations with about a billion doctors and it looks bad. And in many ways it was.

In the spirit of eucharisteo, though, there is some grace and joy to be found here. Last week, I wondered if I'd any chance of finishing a sweater shrug for Sarah in time for Easter. This week, I have but a couple rows on the sleeves, a button and loop, and blocking left to do.


And I casted on last night for Katie's matching shrug. (Pattern here)

No one is more surprised than I am.

Some kind ladies have emailed to ask about my needles and yarn. First, can I just share how I giggled when I got my first two emails with knitting questions? Tickled, I tell you.

My needles were a gift from Kelley at Knitpicks. I don't know her at all and they weren't a "bloggy gift." When Kelley learned that Elizabeth's "Make-A-Wish" trip had a whole lot of yarn knit into it, she sent the most amazingly beautiful needles and cord for me and Ann. I'm still astounded by the generosity of craftswomen who donated needles and patterns and yarn and notions for that blessed trip. My first impression of women who knit? They are kindhearted, compassionate, generous souls.

The yarn is mine. And you can't have it;-). Elizabeth spun the yarn for me from cashmere that she dyed. Isn't the fleece absolutely beautiful? The yarn has been pure delight. I'm so, so grateful.

And the knitting? There I sat for hours and hours in the hospital, pink yarn and beautiful needles, lulled into some sort of almost surreal peace by the rhythm of the stitching and the sheer beauty of the wood and fibers. It was as all those devoted knitters promised: it was joy.

I think I'm hooked.

My reading is the same as it has been since Lent's beginning. Much of it has been listening, either out loud at home or with earbuds in public places. Listen, stitch, pray. All good.

At Elizabeth's urging, I purchased No Sheep For You. And just as soon as I make a cover for the cover (my boys are weirded out by it), I'm going to read. I do love this art and I'm more than a little bummed that animal fibers make me itch, so I'm looking forward to seeing what the plant fiber world holds.

In true rabbit trail tradition, we have begun a knitting trail here at home. Joanna Johnson author of Phoebe's Sweater and Freddie's Blanket has written a unit study.  After reading this study, I was pretty sure Joanna Johnson and I could be great friends. I'm using her unit as a springboard and pulling in other books we have on our shelves here at home. I'll try to have a booklist for next week's Yarn Along (but things are unpredictable here, so maybe not).

One more little happy: Every time Sarah Annie sees me knitting her shrug she says, "You knitting a fweater?"

"I sure am."

"For me?"

"Yep, just for you."

"It's pink?"

"Pretty pink."

"Because you love me?"


Because I love her and I do so love that I can do this for her.

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