Daybook: Laetare!

Sunday, late afternoon...

Outside My Window

The birds are making some raucous music


I am Listening to

Birds. And the dryer, washing machine, dishwasher--all my "servants: up early and working for my household..


I am Wearing



I am so Grateful for

~ a giant bowl of Pho at 8:00 last night. First time I ate all day yesterday and we squeaked in after soccer just before closing. Good recommendation, Barbara!

~encouraging knitting emails and notes. It's been pure joy to learn this art, mostly because people are so nice.

~surprise sushi

~Connecticut in the finals: Christian picked UConn to win it all. He was, by his own admission, under the influence of all kinds of pain meds at the time. Everyone laughed at him. But here's the deal: if UConn wins, he will win the office pool. What office, you ask? Oh, ESPN Washington. How fun would it be to go to work with Dad and claim that prize? From all those sports experts. Very fun. Tonight, we're all UConn fans.

~Spud and Chloe sweater weight yarn. I am not sure I could wear it without itching, but, so far, I can knit with it. Hooray for that. Wish it weren't so pricey, though, because I have my eye on several patterns at the Spud and Chloe blog (linked above).

~Soccer friends. The outdoor season started yesterday and it was good see soccer friends again.

~Soccer sisters. Oh, how much fun did my girls have while the boys played! There's something special about sister friendships formed on the sidelines oever years and years.

~Butch Morley, the team chaplain for the U17 National Team. I was really worried as I knew that Patrick was going to learn of Ty's death, by text messages from guys up here likely, before we could talk to him. And then I was worried about him being down there all alone to process it. But he wasn't alone. I don't know the details, but I do know that Butch was there. And Butch has been there all year. And I'm ever so grateful to Butch for his kindness and his generosity and his love of Jesus.

I'm Pondering

"See everything; overlook a great deal; correct a little. "
~Pope John XXIII

I am Reading

Got that in great detail here.


I am Thinking

that we began Lent with a funeral and now, midway through, another funeral. An icon in the DC Metro area soccer world died Saturday, leaving an entire generation of soccer players and their families grieving.


I am Creating

A sweater shrug :-) I casted on for the striped version for Karoline this weekend. It was slow going at first, as I learned a new yarn and a new technique but I'm so enjoying the colors.


On my iPod

nothing new. 


Towards a Real Education

Still pressing on to tie up loose ends before the bluebells. And making some plans for nature studay on the banks of Little Rocky Run.


Towards Rhythm and Beauty

I've given up on normal. This week won't be normal either. Mike's dad fell yesterday and after a day spent in the emergency room, was admitted last night. Any week that begins with a hospital admission isn't likely to be a normal one. So, we'll rely on the basic plan and just do the best we can.


To Live the Liturgy...

Yesterday was Lataere Sunday. Halfway there! Increasingly, this Lent has been about discerning who God created me to and how He calls me. I'm finding the answers a bit surprising. I'm grateful for the time and the prayer.


I am Hoping and Praying

for Elizabeth deHority. She is constantly on my heart and in my prayers. She needs you now. Please, please pray with me. A great deal of testing and specific diagnosis lies ahead this week. Please pray for wisdom and prudence and the grace and strength to know and do His will.

for the soul of Ty Lewis and for his family and for the countless soccer families who grieve his loss.

for Mike's dad and for his mom and for his medical care.

for Marisa, who surely will have her baby this week. Surely as these things get.


 In the Garden

It has rained and rained and rained. And now, it's not raining and the day will be warm. Perfect weeding weather and we have just the weeds!

Around the House

Oh. my. goodness! What  a huge difference a fresh coat of paint makes. Michael is on a roll. He's nearly finished with the first floor. And he has grand plans to finally finish all those things the "professional basement finishers" never finished when they ran off with our money nine years ago. And then the upstairs needs painting, too. I may never let him get a real job;-).


From the Kitchen

Recipe testing some meals inspired by the farmer's market for the summer issue of Faith and Family.


One of My Favorite Things

Sunday mornings with three and four year olds in the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd atrium. Karoline's godmother, Mel, is the teacher there and usually, Mary Beth is her assistant. Mary Beth stayed with a friend last weekend and went to the Pure Fashion show, so I stepped in for her in the atrium and Sarah Annie got to come along for the first time. Twelve hours later, she was still singing the songs. She had a wonderful morning. And so did I.


Sarah Annie this week

She got into some Revlon Color Stay lipgloss on Saturday. Stay, it does. ON HER FACE. It will not come off. I've tried oil, soap, makeup remover, baby wipes. Nope. It Stays and Stays and Stays. Pretty scary, huh? It's been forbidden in this house henceforth. Back to Aveda.


A Few Plans for the Week

Plans? Hah!

The absolute only plan I am going to make is that I dearly hope to make a HAPPY trip to the hospital.

To visit a new baby. Baby, do you hear me? This week would be good and if you cooperate, you might get to see the bluebells this year. Maybe.

Picture thoughts:


Taken just before church yesterday. I resisted the urge to pin a note to her explaining that I had, indeed tried (hard) to wash her face.

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