The Perfect Spring Break

We took a deep breath of sweet fresh air (much of of it misty and rainy, but all good anyway). Every day, for nearly two weeks, we hung out by the creek, in the woods, on the rocks. We played and played and played. Down there, old friends joined us to keep a spring tradition going: godchildren and godmothers, big kids who were toddlers together, middle kids who once were babies in slings, toddlers walking these banks all on their own, and ~oh-be-still-my-heart~ new babies out for the very first time in spring sunshine. We also had the great, glorious privilege of introduing new friends to our place of joy. All in all, it was pretty much perfect, there in the spring and the flowers and the mud.

This slideshow is probably too long for anyone but Mike to watch to the end, but it does capture our days and Mary Beth and I hope it brings a spring smile to your day.


The perfect song is Virginia Bluebell by Miranda Lambert.