We Have Winners!

The winners of the Bloggity Bigday Giveaway are:

Spud and Chloe at the Farm will inspire

Emily Hammer who said:

Your blog has touched my life and mothering in so many ways ~ thank you for that gift! Since I already own 2 of the lovely books listed...I would love to have Spud and Chloe at the Farm. Thank you so much for this opportunity!
God Bless You!


Small Steps will find its way to

Renee, who  said:

I would love a Small Steps for Catholic Moms. I am expecting baby #9, at age 45, and feel like my life is being taken in leaps and bounds. I want so much to take smaller, simpler steps.

Thank you for this blog. You have the perfect balance between reality and grace. You show your struggles, but you also share the grace you depend upon to live your life with joy. I want to be like you when I grow up ;)

Happy Anniversary!

Real Learning goes to

Elizabeth, your blog was one of the very first I ever read in the blogosphere! I ran into you from Dawn at Sun and Candlelight 4 years ago and have been with you through two pregnancies! Your honesty and spirituality have kept me coming back. My grandmother is catholic but my family is protestant. More than anything else here I see Jesus in you and have gleaned so much for my own family about your faith that I have incorporated into my own faith. I have cried and laughed with you, which seems so odd since we have never even talked before! Your CM homeschool ways have stuck with me no matter what other new ideas I've tried and I recently bumped into an old article of yours about living books that made me fall for this educational lifestyle all over again!

If a book should come my way it would have to be your Real Learning. I have your Small Steps and would love the knitting book except I can't knit! Have always wanted to read your original book.

Thanks for being here as a voice of truth in the big internet world of voices.

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