Yarn Along: How Many Sweaters before Easter?

This week, I finished Chloe sweater #3, a striped shrug for Karoline. I knit it with Spud and Chloe sweater weight yarn, which is the yarn for which the pattern was written. The yarn is really wonderful. The stitches are so pretty and the colors are amazing. Mike is bemused as I sit here at night, alternating between knitting and researching yarn. He wishes he could be as excited about yarn as I am. I just about have him convinced to go to this fiber fair (okay, so I think the name of it caught his interest). We have to see about working it in around soccer. He reminds me that years ago he tried to convince me to move to New Zealand and I told him there were too many sheep there. I'd be wheezing all the time. So, maybe a fiber fair isn't a great idea. Sounds fun, though (except for the breathing part).

Back to the sweater:  I thought the yarn was causing me major allergy issues long about Thursday. But as the rest of my family has fallen victim to the same ailments, I am re-thinking my allergy diagnosis. We'll see. I have more S & C stashed away and I may bring myself to give it one more try before deciding the wool content was making me feel sick. In the meantime, I've ordered some Bue Sky Alpacas 100% cotton for the next Chloe (#6), to see how it compares. The only cotton I've ever knit is dishcloth cotton; hopefully, this is not that.

My mom bought these Hanna dresses for the girls last month. I love the way the Spud & Chloe stripes look with Hanna's colors. And Karoline was pleased.



I have cast on two more of the same shrug (#4 and #5) this week. (Obsession anyone?) One, I only did through the set up and puffed sleeve rows. It's winging it's way to Canada where a mama will make a sweater for her own curly girl with eyes of blue. That little girl's sweater will match Karoline's blue cashmere shrug which is on its way here from Elizabeth's. My girls are really loving this game of spinning and knitting and sharing (and shrugging). The other is a wee baby one in pink. More on that next week. Still no buttons on any of my sweaters. I'm waiting to see how Elizabeth did it and then I promise to summon up the courage to do mine. Karoline's really needs buttons.


For the most part, the reading is the same. I did do a little tiny hop off the Lenten  reading path to take a look at my friend Suzie Andres' new book, A Little Way of Homeschooling. On Sunday, I treated myself to just the chapters written by Suzie. Suzie is a personal friend who is as warm and genuine and real as people get. I was eager to "hear" her voice as she reflects on two topics which have long been her passions: The Little Way of St. Therese and unschooling. Suzie's gentleness resonates throughout her chapters and inspires some beautiful things in my mama heart. (Sorry, no book picture as I have already handed it off.)

I expect that both blogging and knitting will be light the next few days: it's bluebell time. Be sure to stop by and visit Ginny and see what other folks are knitting and reading. It's a enough to make a girl twirl with joy.

 {Comments are open: it's fun to talk knitting:-)}