You're kidding;

John Paul II's feast is going to be October 22? Seriously?!

I about cried when Colleen broke the news.


Dear Karoline Rose, Nicholas Karol, and Matthew Christian John Paul,

You will now celebrate your name day on October 22. Yes, I do recognize that the stretch of time from September 29 to October 31 already has 6 birthdays and 5 feast days in our immediate family. And I do know that Mary Beth's birthday is the next day, giving us yet another back-to-back feast in the fall. I also know that I had been operating on the premature and erroneous assumption that John Paul II would be celebrated in the spring. Between February 17 and May 6, we've got nothing in the way of name days or birthdays. That feast seemed perfect. Perfect. But it is not to be.

I'm glad for the advance notice. I solemnly promise to the three of you that I will endeavor to make the day special, to set it apart from all the other special days that month. I promise.

And I'm beginning a perpetual novena now to find the stamina for the perpetual party that is October.