Yarn Along with my Girlies

The big news on the knitting front this week is that Karoline has learned to knit without repeating, "in, around, through, off" or the full version, "In through front door, once around back, peek through the window and off jumps Jack!"

When this grand milestone was reported to Elizabeth via Skype, the conversation went as such:

Karoline: I can knit without saying the rhyme! I don't have to say it and I still know what to do!

Me: So, what does that mean Karoline?

Elizabeth: Karoline, does that mean that you can now knit quietly?

Karoline: What?! No! It means I can knit and talk about other things. Ahhh, knitting and talking. Two things I love so much!"

In honor of The Great Accomplishment, this week's Yarn Along is all about the girls' knitting. (Mine is documented in the Baby Surprise Jacket KnitAlong.)



We actually took out the sewing machine this week, blew the dust off of it, and made project bags. It's all about keeping tidy:-). The bobbin was annoying, tension was terrible, and I remembered that I have yet to enjoy sewing.I really think that if I could just master the mechanical side, the rest would be fun. But I can't. It's always something mechanical. 



Karoline is knitting and talking. Her favorite "reading" material this week is the Life Magazine issue of the Royal Wedding. She's perusing the pictures and telling stories in her head and to everyone and anyone who will listen to her talk. And talk. As typical for Life, the pictures are gorgeous. A bit of a fairy tale. And we hope they live happily ever after. She's knitting a rainbow scarf with the yarn she dyed a few weeks ago.


Katie is knitting for Ginny's Hats for Japan project. She's nearly finished with this baby hat. She's reading Ramona the Brave.


Mary Beth is knitting a beautiful scrunch scarf out of amazing chunky alpaca. It's soft and lovely. And on that blue Kindle? At long last, after YEARS of waiting, the third installment of the Penderwicks series. Oh, the joy! She's waited with great expectation for this week and her sisters are happy to hear her read aloud.

Be sure to visit Ginny for more knitting and reading news. And check out the comments below if you feel like talking and knitting (you and Karoline;-).