I'm going to blog;

I am.

I have a dozen or more posts in my head, things I really do want to share here. But. 

But last week was whirl of company, crisis, and chaos--the likes of which I've never experienced in nearly 23 years of parenting. And.

And I went into that week after  solid week of battling--and losing to--a particularly nasty respiratory bug. It lasts forever. I'm still wheezing. And it's still slowly making its way through the family. And it lasts forever. Did I already say that?

Did I mention that our air conditioner died last week and it was 102 degrees outside? It did. I had a fever. And it was 98 in my bedroom at 11:00 PM.

My house looks like I was sick and then I had company, crisis, and chaos.

I never can really sit to write when my environment isn't in order. Even if I leave my environment and go to Panera to write. {Panera, where I have of late received crisis and chaos telephone calls.} Anybody notice that I only posted once last week? And since then, it's only been guests posts? Yep. 

No order. No blogging.

Ducking out now, to think and think and think.

While I vacuum.

And mop.

And fold laundry.

Maybe tonight I'll write. 

Or maybe not?

Just wanted you to know I have been thinking about you.

Hope your summer is off to a calm, peaceful, orderly beginning. :-)