This is Interesting: Updated

In the comments of the Yarn Along post, Laura mentioned that this blog was one of only two Catholic blogs on the voting list for Top 25 Faith Blogs at Circle of Moms. Lots of blogs of witches there, though. Honestly, I couldn't find my blog there. I saw another Heart of my Home blog. I scrolled through a whole bunch of pagan goddess blogs and then, I just moved on before I got to the end because I'm sitting at Starbuck's with limited working time and that just didn't seem to be worth trading time away from home. But, it is a curious thing to me because I don't know a single Mom Witch in real life and they are definitely well represented over there.

Update: Someone found my blog there. You can go here to vote for me and you can vote once a day.  Or you can go to the link above and scroll through to vote for other blogs. The witches and pagans are well organized and well ahead of Christian blogs. Sure would be nice to see Christian blogs well represented at the end of this voting.