Yarn Along


Just real quick, because real life is a bit overwhelming these days.

A lot of people living in this house this summer.


I am very, very slowly finishing this Baby Surprise Jacket. We have no air conditioning upstairs. It's 98 degrees outside.Pretty close to that inside. The whole knitting in bed during the NBA finals routine went pffft until the repairman comes next Tuesday. Instead, I'm dedicating my life to perfecting the art of lemonade iced tea and choosing and placing the ideal fan.

I've finished up around the outside of the jacket. (Mary Beth was the one brave enough to pick up the stitches and just get on with it already.) And then, emboldened by our success, we moved on to lengthening the sleeves. I see a bit of a closure problem on the horizon. Because I used the baby pattern with chunky yarn and made a jacket that will easily fit my four-year-old, the buttonholes are definitely off. Following theh pattern, I knit buttonholes on both sides. I am supposed to close holes on one side by sewing buttons over the holes I don't need. Problem is, that would truly throw off the lines of this sweater. The buttonholes are too far in from the sweater's edge. Pondering this one...

I'm reading Alethia, a new literary magazine by and for Christian Teens. I do hope this venture is successful, so please  take a look and help to inform the Christian youth of this resource. I have three magazines to give away, so if you'd like to receive one, leave a comment below and I'll announce three winners next week. 

That's all I've got for the day. Stay cool, my friends!