Yarn Along: Sew What?


I've settled into a summer knitting rhythm that I'm really loving. And, at the urging of two dear friends, I'm sort of believing that we can venture into sewing, too. So, in the knitting basket, my To Eyre shawl is taking shape. Those gentle, barely there ruffles make me so happy! I'm just ready to begin the back part. Maybe another week or so of this sweet knitting and I'll have a finished garment. I finished another garment this week, as well, but it's a gift so we'll just wait on those pictures. 

Reading time is all about sewing. I retrieved Seams to Me from my shelves again. I truly do think this book a must-have. Anna Maria Horner offers such wonderful information along with her patterns. And the pictures are infinitely inspiring. I'm going to take this one along with me to the sewing store this weekend and see about making sure we're properly supplied in the basic necessities. 

I also read Growing Up Sew Liberated this week. I want so much to love this book and I think I would if my children were all younger. Now, it sort of makes me pine for a baby or two. There's not much here for bigger kids. I love the look, the feel, the whole spirit of the book. And I do like Meg McElwee's blog.  Sigh. The book is beautiful and truly well done and we'll find a thing or two to make our own, I'm sure. The art satchel and play capes caught our fancy.

Now for pink wonderful: Yesterday, Sarah Annie and I snuggled on the couch during a "funderstorm" and paged through Girl's World. Oh my! What darlingness! There's plenty in this book for girls up to middle school age. We're going to begin with this free pattern online  (completely unrelated to the book) and then, I'm all in to Girl's World. 

Go visit Ginny for more knitting and reading tales. I've settled into a Wednesday afternoon tradition: a big cup of tea and enough time to myself to click through a big bunch of the links at Ginny's. I am enriched by the yarns shared there.