Full Circle Indeed

Once upon a time, Bobby Convey was the oldest "brother" in our home and Michael was jostling with him for position. They rubbed up against each other and refined one another in many ways. Bobby played big brother to the big brother Michael was. It was Bobby who brought everyone to the hospital after Katie was born. And then it was Michael who did exactly what Bobby did four years later when Kari was born. Bobby, Michael, Bobby, Michael.

Now, Bobby is a Major League Soccer All Star who has played in the English Premier League and Michael is a new sports reporter for USAToday. In a quirk of serendipity, the first interview assigned to Michael was Bobby Convey. Something about this whole article makes my heart nearly burst. I love Bobby dearly and I know the peace he speaks, at long last, is genuine. And it just swells my mama heart that it is Michael who framed the words.