Intentional Weekend: Mommy Date

In six days, we leave to drive her down there. She'll spend the week, happily ensconsed in her grandparents' house. And every morning, for two and a half blissful hours, she will go to Sewing Camp. She has wanted, wanted, wanted to do this for so very long. Despite the fact that I've told her it is far too early to pack, she has reaarranged her drawers and I can tell that her clothes are already sorted into piles for each day she will spend away from home.


When a girl is the seventh in a family of nine children and she is four years older than the "Little Girls" and there are two brothers between her and the "Big Girl," sometimes she really needs a Mommy Date. When her little sister asks to come along, she might just shoot those big brown eyes at her daddy and beg him to "do something with those little girls." And he will.

We went to the fabric store to choose fabric for the quilt that she will make while she's in Charlottesville. She flitted happily from bolt to bolt, dragging the heavy load hither and yon so she could come up with exactly the right combination.


And then, she chose the perfect shade of  thread. We also shopped for measuring tape, scissors, and a seam ripper--all pink.

Of course.


And, after much consideration, she chose a box for all her goodies.

(That purple one on the lower right came home with us.)


Shopping finished, we shared a big bowl of Pho. Conveniently, there was big screen TV in the restaurant and we could chat and watch the US Women's World Cup match while eating our girly lunch.

And then, to make the afternoon truly perfect, we might just have picked up some happiness.


{A girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do. The cups said "Happy 4th of Gelati." Who could resist?}

She said she's going to send me letters from camp. 

I can hardly wait.