Yarn Along: Distracted and Determined at Once


Hi there! Happy summer afternoon! My knitting has slowed a bit this week. I spent some time away and accidentally left my knitting at home. We went to visit my dad and stepmom. Fortunately, I had sent her some new Dishie yarn from Knitpicks and some Harmony Needles in hopes of finding a few free moments to teach her to knit. We didn't really get that sit and stitch time, but when my fingers started itching from withdrawal, I couldn't resist casting on a dishcloth and knitting a bit to get her going. I really liked that yarn for kitchen and bath items. Definitely going to order more as soon as some of the other colors are back in stock.

When I got home, I was just a little distracted by this lovely stack of Anna Maria Horner flannel and some more puttering about in the office studio.Yes, my friends, it was 96 degrees outside and we had no air conditioning (again) inside, and I was in a hot southern-facing room, dreaming of winter pjs. The reading? Stitch by Stitch, Learning to Sew One Project at a Time. I'm reading this. All of it. It's an excellent primer for the beginning sewist (sewer?-I hear there's some sort of debate out there). I intend to force myself to read all of it and work through the book in order.

Eventually, however, I did pick up the knitting again. I sat and knitted a few rounds in bed at night, and in the mornings, I knit while I listened to the end of  The 10 Habits of Happy Mothers: Reclaiming our Passion, Purpose, and Sanity.   {What a great book! I was sorry to hear it end. I've actually begun to listen to it again and I plan to launch a book study here tomorrow. } And then I knit while I watched the Women's World Cup this afternoon, getting past the sleeve divide of the Girl's Cap Sleeved Shirt.. I'd like to finish this one this weekend. We'll see. {Oh, and, several of you have written to tell me that you can no longer find the pattern for sale. Me neither. Perhaps she's tweaking the numbers a bit?}

Hope this midsummer day finds you happily creating in your own neck of the woods.


Go visit Ginny for more knitting and reading tales. I've settled into a Wednesday afternoon tradition: a big cup of tea and enough time to myself to click through a big bunch of the links at Ginny's. I am enriched by the yarns shared there.