To Be Weightless...

Weightless image

Kate Wicker's new book is for sale at last. I had the privilege of reading this book before publication and this was my reaction:

If you are a woman, if you love a woman, if you parent a little girl who will one day be a woman, this is a vitally important book for you. Rare is the family that is untouched by negative body image, whether it's just the longing to lose a few pounds or a full-fledged eating disorder. Women--and even very little girls-- today are bombarded by messages that they are not beautiful enough. "Look younger! Look thinner! Just don't look like you, because you aren't good enough!" With honesty and candor, Kate Wicker takes a thoughtful, prayerful look at those messages. She counters the voices of society and, frankly, the voices in our own heads, with wisdom from the Church and the healing words of God.  I wholeheartedly recommend this book as a valuable tool in reclaiming femininity and authentic beauty for ourselves and our daughters.

Please note: I'm not being compensated for this endorsement in any way. I don't even own a copy of the book (yet). But I truly do believe that this is an invaluable, important resource for any woman and for parents of girls, particularly. We've got to stop this cycle. I know that Kate's thoughtful words were a blessing to me. I can't say enough about the book and the conversation it is sure to fuel.