Whew! Just had to say that!

Take a day that began chasing imaginary turtles and giant monsters from my two-year-olds bed at 3 AM, throw in a 4:45 airport run, add two giant iced coffees, and I'm still awake (and apparently very talkative) at 2 o'clock in the afternoon for a very lively podcast.

This week on the Faith & Family Live Cast (click here to listen ), Lisa, Sarah and I share a topic inspired by Lisa's recent “unplugging” for a moms’ retreat. Together, we look at the tricks and treats related to becoming less “wired” and share our own struggles and experiences. 

This week’s Faith & Family Feature Product is the amazing book Weightless: Making Peace with Your Body by our good friend and fellow podcaster Kate Wicker.  I think you'll find  Kate’s book lifechanging. Really:-).

In our final segment, we talk about the “Judgie McJudgies” - We find them in comboxes, on Facebook, and in our inboxes—the finger-pointing Catholic “judges” who are eager to point out all the ways in which other Catholics are “failing.”  We discuss some positive ways to influence people toward the good and the importance of setting a positive, good example of living the faith. And we share frankly what has helped us get through times when you are feeling “judged” unfairly online or in real life.

Really worth a listen. Find a knitting project or a couple of baskets of laundry that need folding and pull up a chair and join us.