Yarn Along


I finished the To Eyre shawl early this week and took just a few moments to cast on another Cap Sleeved Shirt. I'm not even going to pretend I know who will wear this one. This sweater sizing tends to be a bit unpredictable and I have a knack for knitting things in the wrong size. There are three girls here who are likely candidates for wearing the sweater when it is finished. I"ve begun this one in Cotton Supreme. I think I might have found my favorite go-to yarn. So far, it's really lovely to handle and the stitches look quite nice. (It is sort of funny that this yarn, which I purchased a month or so ago, is about the same shade as the shawl yarn, which was purchased way back at the beginning of this knitting adventure.  Anyway, I've barely begun, so there's not much to show here. 

I'm reading Educating the Wholehearted Child; it's a summer tradition. Sally Clarkson has long been my mentor and this year it is such a treat to be able to read a brand new version of my favorite homeschooling book as I look for inspiration this summer. My version is a prepublication copy . If you click on over to the Clarkson's site, you'll see a very thick new paperback version. It would not be summer without a visit to the Wholehearted Child...


Go visit Ginny for more knitting and reading tales. I've settled into a Wednesday afternoon tradition: a big cup of tea and enough time to myself to click through a big bunch of the links at Ginny's. I am enriched by the yarns shared there.