Daybook: August Already?

Outside My Window

The heat index is 115 degrees. No, that was last week. The heat index today is only 100 degrees.


I am Listening to



I am Wearing

A very lightweight red cotton tunic and white cargo capris. 


I am so Grateful for

friends who pick up right where we left off and love you forever.


I'm Pondering

But what I love most about embroidering is the physical effect that doing it has on my body: blood pressure goes down, worries fade, breathing evens, mind stops racing with thoughts of all that needs doing. Practicing embroidery gives your body and your brain a chance to slow down and stitch itself back together after a long day or a long year. This, I believe, is its true appeal. In the years since my accident, I can't even count how many people have told me that doing has handwork saved them; I know it saved me. Embroidery is just good mdeicine for so much of what ails us in the modern world.

~ Alicia Paulson, creator of Posie Gets Cozy, in Embroidery Companion


I am Reading

the aforementioned book. Lovely.

I am Thinking

about comments on this post and this one. You all offer great food for thought. 


I am Creating


We made three bound mats: two for knitting needles and one for a Kindle (more on that tomorrow). And we made 5 aprons on the Feast of St. Martha and we have two more cut and fabric for two more than that. We are on an apron roll:-)

 My focus is on knitting this week. I'm working on my tiny tea leaves cardigan so that I can get to the tricky part by Friday because I will be with BOTH Ginny and Elizabeth. I figure they can get me through tricky part pretty easily.

On my iPod

Pinterest.  There's an app for that! I may never read Facebook again. I've got Pinterest on my iPod for filling boring moments during which I otherwise would be mindlessly clicking through Facebook. Instead of random status updates, I go to Pinterest and get a visual fix. Pinterest is highly addictive. Don't say I didn't warn you.


Towards a Real Education

Everyone is in town this week. That means everyone is present for a little math, a little grammar, and a whole lot of summer reading. Mary Beth's summer reading list has been totally gutted. I was shocked, appalled and disappointed to find that the list from which I let her choose (the summer list from a private, Episcopal school) was heavy on titles that proved scandalous. She's pretty disappointed because she had high hopes. We've had several great conversations, though, so there's that.


Towards Rhythm and Beauty

August has a different rhythm than July. Around here, there's this August already sense. I need to make sure that I get those doctor , orthodontic, and dental appointments in now so they are less likely to disrupt the fall routine. It's in the details of doctors and dentist that my family feels enormous to me. The receptionists are always a bit shocked at how many time slots I need and that always makes me feel a bit overwhelmed. 

To Live the Liturgy...

I so enjoyed our St. Martha apron day that I think we have a new tradition. Everyone needs a fresh apron on a regular basis, I believe. So, now we have our official family apron day.


I am Hoping and Praying

for Elizabeth deHority. She is constantly on my heart and in my prayers. She needs you now. Please, please pray with me. 

 for all the people who have written me recently to ask for prayers.

 In the Garden

Patrick has gone out to rescue his roses. He was in Dallas all last week and his roses were here. Baking.


Around the House

I'm getting serious about picking paint colors and looking at drapery and upholstery fabric. My sister, who has a great idea and is obsessively organized, has huge binders of color swatches and such. We need a pow-wow at my house.


From the Kitchen 

Working on the fall rotation menu and grocery list. I'm so looking forward to this. Patrick gets his license at the end of the week. I've been eager to hand off grocery shopping to him since he was about ten. He's a a good cook and a really frugal shopper.


One of My Favorite Things

My Janome sewing machine. Now that I've had some time to work with both my machine and Katie's Bernette, I can say I prefer the Janome. Several people have written to ask how I chose the Janome. I asked a friend of a friend (who forever will remain anonymous) which would be a better buy at the $300 Max price point, a Bernette or a Janome. She authoritatively said the Janome. She's a Bernina dealer. 

She was right.


A Few Plans for the Week

My first "mama" friend is coming tomorrow for a visit. She's never met my little girls, so I'm really looking forward to having her here. She said she recently had a dream that she was dancing with them. So, I see some Wii Just Dance Kids in our near future.

Patrick will take his driver's test and get his license, I hope.

We're going to Charlottesville for a long weekend. I'm going to hang out at the lake with Elizabeth DeHority and Ginny and all our kids and a couple husbands, too. Then, a re-run of the July trip.

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