Five Minute Friday: Older

I breezed by the hospital today for routine bloodwork. I parked just beyond the Birthing Inn, and I was flooded with memories: the sight of Mike's tennis shoes just beneath the curtain signaling that I could indeed birth that baby because dad had arrived; Nicholas bursting on the scene on that magical night just a tick or two before midnight; Katie and the unexpected c-section and the long hospital stay; Karoline and the absolute perfection of that October; the days spent anxiously in the triage room and then the awful, wrenching feeling of walking through the Birthing Inn doors and away from the building when I left sweet Sarah Annie in the NICU. I was transported back by that place, back as far as thirteen years -- to a younger me. I did not walk through those doors today.

I walked instead through medical office building doors. Just routine bloodwork. I sat in the waiting room, foregoing the ubiquitous copies Fit Pregnancy for my knitting bag. There I sat, peering beneath my glasses, because to look through the lenses makes everything close up appear blurry. 



{Wow. That wasn't  very cheerful was it? According to Lisa-Jo, the deal is only five minutes, so I will not have time to elaborate upon the good in older. Besides Sarah has come to climb all over me. It's time to snap things shut here. But hey, I have kids climbing all over me, so it's good, right?. Visit Lisa-Jo for more Five Minute Friday fun.}

And hey, happy weekend! Stay dry, be safe and thanks so much for stopping by.