A Warm Welcome to Our Very First Sponsor: St. Luke's Brush


It is an honor and a joy to introduce to you the very first sponsor of In the Heart of my Home.

St. Luke's Brush specializes in hand-painted Catholic toys, wooden saint peg dolls, religious art and gifts. Beautiful, high quality toys and gifts will inspire your child's love and undering of the Faith.

Browsing the Etsy shop, you will find a large selection of treasures, perfect for Christmas, feast days, Easter, sacrament gifts, and other special occasions.

Custom orders are welcome!


The artist behind St. Luke's brush prayerfully paints each item. The careful craftsmanship is informed by the study of Catholic art, iconography, symbolism, recorded history and tradition.

Visit St. Luke's Brush Facebook fan page to get product information and updates. Be one of the first visitors to visit and  follow the St. Luke's Brush blog  to find out more about Amy and Garry Brix, the kind souls behind this artistic ministry, and their journey together as a homeschooling family that follows the will of God in Faith and Art.