My Latest Obsession

When my sister and I were little, we played this game called "house." But it wasn't your typical "house." We would pretend that we were grownups with husbands and babies. Still sounds typical. We'd gather dolls and doll accoutrements. Still typical. And then, we would sit for hours with the Ethan Allen catalog and "pick out our houses." We kept lists. The whole idea was that when we played house, we were supposed to pretend that we were the kitchen on page 94 or the green and white sunroom on page 112. Hours, I tell you. We spent hours clipping pictures and making lists.

So, a few nights ago I had a text conversation with my sister, who is now a pretty amazing interior decorator with a gigantic fancy house and a sunroom that looks exactly like the one remember in the catalog.

Krysti: Hey. <<snip--chatter ya'll woudln't really understand>>

Me: <<snip. Chatter back>> I was just about to call you anyway. In need of massive redecorating here. Will you help me?

Krysti:  Tell me when. Give me a budget and a color scheme. <huge joke there--"budget" has a different meaning for each of us;-)>

Me: Whenever you can come. Are you still living at the beach?

Krysti: Let me know what types of rooms and color so I can start to pull stuff.

Me: The whole house needs repainting and reupholstering and drapes and probably furniture.

Krysti: What colors do you like?

Me: Handmade by Benjamin Moore. After that, it's all about the bluebells and maybe some red. And there's my pottery.

Krysti: So navy grey with cranberry or tan?

Huh? Who said that? Where's the Ethan Allen catalog? I need a point of reference.

Me:  You have to come see. 

Krysti: Do you have an idea notebook?

Me: Oh. My. Goodness. I do. I'll send you a link.

And so I introduced my sister to the 2011 version of our favorite "picking our houses" childhood game:


I went to the Fat Quarter Shop and started pinning colors. And now I'm obsessed. With color and with the Fat Quarter Shop. And I don't even quilt. Yet. But I have a quilt design wall on Pinterest. Because I will. Oh yes, I will. I know I will because I had this sense that my sister and I were about a mile off on understanding exactly what I was shooting for. So I googled decorating style definitions and found the one that best suited me. Or the me I want to be:

Country Cottage:

This style is relaxed and casual.  Think cozy farmhouse with warm woods, rustic furniture and antiques  {that's the nicest way to say my house is full of my extended family's very nice hand-me-downs}.  Use colors of red, green, blue and yellow with floral, striped and checked fabrics.  Accessories include quilts, stoneware pottery, twig baskets, embroidered linens and books.


Well, I've got the books, the baskets, and plenty of stoneware. I'm embroidering. Obviously, I must learn  to quilt. And to assemble a lovely collection of floral, striped and checked fabrics. While I'm finding links for Krysti, I might as well plan Christmas projects.

How's this collection for this snuggly throw?

Fat quarter shop 3

The Fat Quarter Shop is an online quilt shop that specializes in yardage, fat quarter bundles, charm packs, jelly rolls, quilt kits and patterns. And they cater to those of us --ahem--impulsive types who want to start yesterday. They ship every order the same day to customers all over the world!

The Fat Quarter Shop was founded in 2003 by Kimberly Jolly. An avid quilter, Kimberly began her shop as a side business while still working a corporate position. She was cutting, packing and shipping right out of her house during evenings and nights. From the very beginning, she committed to delivering top-notch service for every single order and customer. As the Fat Quarter Shop’s reputation grew, Kimberly decided to make it a full-time operation. Her husband Kevin joined her not long after, and with his help, lots of hard work, and a tireless commitment, the store began to grow.

Personally, once I get to the site, I sort of get sucked in. Who knew there were so many color and print possiblities? So many ways to make so many pretty things? It's an eye candy feast. 

Fat quarter shop 1
 (this color scheme for the kitchen and family room? too cutesy?-- )

A great way to keep up-to-date with Fat Quarter's latest sales, specials and giveaways (and so to build a stash) is by following their blog, the Jolly Jabber  or by joining them on Twitter or Facebook.

They have a user-friendly website that makes it easy to find any collection, designer, manufacturer or theme. And they are super-friendly and super-enthusiastic in the customer service department. If you ever have a question about a fabric, quilt kit or need help just figuring it all out, they are there with expert, friendly accessible help.

(the studio? -- Proper Promenade)


(the kitchen and sunroom and maybe family room?--Gleam Flower Sugar)

So I pin. And pin. And pin. And pin. And my project list grows and grows and grows. I'm secretly hoping for a blizzard that snows us in all winter. Then, I can justify my stash and have plenty of time to create.


Fat quarter shop 4

(wouldn't this fabric collection make the cutest baby quilt ever? there's a kit for that you know.)

I'm so going to learn to quilt.