Yarn Along: Real Quick


Just a minute here today, the Fios man is outside trying his best to bring us into the 21st century. We have to go backward before we go forwards, so internet is a bit spotty.

I needed a portable knitting project as I marched five children through both the dentist and the orthodontist last week and I'm going to need that project in the waiting room while four of those children get braces. So, portable knitting and reading that can be taken in short chunks and interrupted frequently by receptionists:

I cast on Just Enough Ruffles with some amazing Elizabeth deHority handspun cashmere. All the details are here on my Ravelry page. I'm reading Living Artfully. This book was recommended to me several years ago and I bought it as soon as she suggested it. It didn't really click with me then the way it does now; I think my brain was full of just too many other things. This book is about looking at life through a creative lens. I'm kind of in a better place to do that now. I'm enjoying it in this season, that's for sure.

Once I'm all good with the Fios guy, I'm heading over to Ginny's for more reading and knitting yarns. See you there?