Apples and Autumn Daybook

Outside My Window

Cool, gray baking kind of day.


I am Listening to

a rowdy bunch of children doing something morning-ish upstairs.



I am Wearing

A new haircut. This thyroid thing has had my hair falling out by the handful. So, I went and got it layered a whole lot more. And I like it :-).

My girls are wearing Missoni for Target. Apparently, these are hot items that sold out in moments. My sister Krysti scooped up three full outfits for each of the little girls and a skirt for Mary Beth and just happened to have them on hand when we just happened to stop by unannounced yesterday. Pretty sweet. 

I am so Grateful for

an aforementioned impromptu visit with my sister.




I'm Pondering

 St.Thérèse never founded a religious order; 
she never performed great works and never went on missions,
but she understood that what matters in the Christian life 
is not great deeds, but great love,
and that anyone can achieve the heights of holiness 
by doing even the smallest things well for love of God.
"All is well," she wrote,
 "when one seeks only the will of Jesus."
 St. Thérèse is a reminder to all of us who feel we can do nothing,
 that it is the little things that keep God's kingdom growing.

I am Reading

Legacy of Love: Biblical Wisdom for Parenting Teens and Young Adults.



I am Thinking

that I overthink things.


I am Creating


some oh-so-darling patchwork tiered skirts--still. Mary Beth kicked off the sewing bee with skirt for Sarah, usingSoul Blossoms from Amy Butler. I was in a little slice of right-brained heaven the other day as I moved squares of Terrain fabric all over my dining room table to get just the right combinations. I thoroughly enjoyed the process and I think I might really like to quilt. Today, we lay out some Ruby squares to begin Karoline's skirt.


I'm still working on last week's projects..

Speaking of handmade Christmas, we picked apples yesterday and I had some apple/craisin/pecan jam in mind to make as gifts for Mike's office. I cannot find this recipe for the life of me! Anybody have a pretty apple craisin jam recipe to share?




To live the liturgy:

Friday is the Feast of St. Padre Pio.


Towards a Real Education

A is for apples today, in a very big way.




Towards Rhythm and Beauty

It is truly autumn, isn't it? Try as I did to stretch summer a bit longer, fall has come and it's time to embrace the season that is.


I am Hoping and Praying

for Katie Phillips

for Elizabeth deHority

for Kim Fry

for healing



 In the Garden

We're harvesting basil and putting tomatoes by. My tomatoes haven't done well all year. There is a farm nearby that usually has good picking this time of year. I'm counting on them for our freezer stash.


Around the House

I'm heading out to cut vases and vases of roses. This place needs some brightening right now and that's the quickest way I know perk up whole rooms at a time.


From the Kitchen 

how about a dinner meal plan for the week:


chicken piccata

butternut risotto


apple pie


roasted pork 

baked sweet potatoes


cinnamon apple bread


 pork and snap pea stir fry over basmati rice

apple crisp


Stuffed butternut squash (stuffed with apples and cornbread and bacon or something...?)

Stir-fried garlic green beans


Angel hair pasta with pesto sauce

apple cake



One of My Favorite Things

Weekends when Mike is home.


A Few Plans for the Week

I'm sharing some thoughts on early childhood education  tomorrow night with my neighborhood homeschooling group.

Some more cleaning and decluttering in advance of the great painting and tiling and carpentry adventure to come.

Here on the blog, I've got some great sponsor giveaways planned.



Picture thoughts: