Daybook: Well, hello there!

Outside My Window

Bright sunshine and then weird big thunderheads.


I am Listening to

Little girls singing to the ladybugs they found in their room.


I am Wearing

A $44 pumpkin-colored T-shirt with a little ruffle that I found at Talbot's last week for $10. It's a little too big--I should have stopped to try it on, but I was between games and I had to hurry. I'm hoping I can shrink it a little.


I am so Grateful for

a dear college friend who knows my heart and, quite out of the blue, has an uncanny knck for speaking to my soul just when I most need to be understood.


I'm Pondering

 We live in a world and a country of everyday heroes.  Moms and Dads everywhere, trying to make a better place for their children; teachers, nurses, firefighters, farmers; us normal tea drinkers and quilt makers, island lovers and laundry folders, dinner cookers and flower planters, doggie lovers, kitty petters, and never-giver-uppers . . . scientists, astronauts, artists, poets and philosophers, who do their part every day to make the world a better place to live. ♥   Many everyday heroes were lost that terrible day.  We honor their memory by keeping their dreams alive. ~Susan Branch

I am Reading

Legacy of Love: Biblical Wisdom for Parenting Teens and Young Adults.


I am Thinking

about this post and your comments. Now that we have internet and a fully functional computer, I'm looking forward to joining the conversation.


I am Creating


some oh-so-darling patchwork tiered skirts. Mary Beth kicked off the sewing bee with skirt for Sarah, using Soul Blossoms from Amy Butler. Towards the end of the week, I was in a little slice of right-brained heaven the other day as I moved squares of Terrain fabric all over my dining room table to get just the right combinations. I thoroughly enjoyed the process and I think I might really like to quilt.


I'm still working on last week's projects. My joints hurt a lot lately and knitting is much slower going. Re-thinking my ambitious Christmas gift "making" list and hoping I can get birthday gifts finished in time.


On my iPod

Karoline has maxed out all the skill levels on most of my apps. What educational apps for kids do you like?


Towards a Real Education

We have a workable plan and good schedule. That's a blessing and there is a certain peace with it. I'm adding almost daily to Serendipity, but still not publishing. Praying for the courage to do that and waiting for inspiration regarding a re-design.I know it's diffiult to navigate and I am giving that some thought--as I fold laundry and wash dishes and take walks and photograph soccer games. We shall see. There is a great deal of joy in our home during school hours these days and I want to share that with you in a meaningful and helpful way without taking anything at all from my family.


Towards Rhythm and Beauty

We've got none; at least we didn't last week. We were hit (again) by a lightning strike last weekend. It wiped out the telephone, television, and internet. While I enjoyed the relative quiet, I was disoriented--all the soccer messages were going out via email; it seems they've given up on phone calls to families because everyone has a smart phone these days. I don't. But I might have to cave and get one. And that saying about lightning not striking twice? Five times. And counting. But we've learned not to have our computers fry with the lines, so there' s that.  

Anyway, we lost the plugged-in rhythm and I did re-think the widsom of having so many of my lessons or notes stored online. Then, I hit a major thyroid bump. Oh my. The doctor called after blood work and said she was doubling the meds, but they don't kick in right away and I plummetted to rock bottom. Hit hard. The week was pretty awful healthwise and I'm only sort of functioning now, hoping that they've got the dosage right this time.

Then, after the internet access was returned, my computer itself broke, as in the entire bottom fell out. The geniuses at Apple took care of it, but it took a few days.

So there went my online presence and rhythm last week. My in real life rhythm was only slightly better. I really felt sick. It rained for days and days. Schools were closed because of flooding. Soccer schedules are crazy mixed-up and rescheduled.

Perhaps this week will be a bit more rhythmic?


I am Hoping and Praying

for the wildly successful launch of a new show on ESPN next week

for Katie Phillips

for Elizabeth deHority

for healing

 In the Garden

The mums are popping:-)!


Around the House

We're choosing paint and sketching sketches and I'm hoping to meet with a contractor this week. Big changes coming. (Well, big for us.)


From the Kitchen 

I fried okra yesterday for Katie. My goodness! That sure sucked up an enormous quantity of fat1There must be a more healthful way to serve okra. Have you a favorite recipe?


One of My Favorite Things

The smell of cotton steaming under my iron--the whole room, even the whole house filling with that smell while we sew. I have a thing for smells.


A Few Plans for the Week

Tomorrow is my wedding anniversary. More on that in just a little bit.

We are ramping up to a full schedule, both athletically and academically, this week--full steam ahead. Please Lord, grant me grace and strength.

MRI for Mary Beth on Tuesday. Please Lord, give us answers; the eye problems persist.

Lots of ballet.

Lots of soccer.


Picture thoughts:

gosh. it sure rained a lot.

{photos and sarah's skirt by mary beth}