Yarn Along


Good afternoon! I'm still knitting my red ruffle scarf. Sigh. I used to be a fast knitter. Not sure what happened. (Well, I sort of know. Sewing happened. So that's part of the slowdown.) Here you see the progress on the scarf and, oh yes, that does look like a twirly skirt for Katie. I've been reading Smart Medicine for Healthier Living and Optimal Wellness. These books, along with Smart Medicine for a Healthier Child, have long been the mainstays of health reference books around here. Still trying to overcome the joint stiffness...those are relatively small pains, though, and they serve a greater purpose as they remind me to keep Kim in prayer (won't you offer a prayer, too, on her behalf?). Knitting, sewing, reading, praying. All good.

Go visit Ginny for my reading and knitting tales. I'll see you there!