Outside My Window

there is a flat of pansies and a bag of bulbs still waiting to go in the ground. It's happening this morning. Definitely.


I am Listening to

the sound of the shower upstairs. All else is still quiet.


I am Wearing

a smile, despite the fact that I'm pretty much stressed to my limit. I'm trying really hard to be a big girl. And not fooling anyone over nine.

I am so Grateful for

a really nice pediatrician. He's a good doctor, but it's the niceness I'm thankful for this week.

I'm Pondering

I merely took the energy it takes to pout and wrote some blues. ~Duke Ellington.

I pouted a whole lot last week. This week, I'm going to force myself to create something good instead.


I am Reading

this pattern, over and over. I cannot figure out how to pick up those wrapped stitches. Somebody help? Please? This is my portable project and I really need it for waiting rooms and car rides and such.


I am Thinking

about nightmares. Does anybody know a cure for chronic nightmares?


I am Creating

Lots. Well, not yet, but I'm going to start very soon. I really need to buckle down in the sewing room this week. Sarah wants a birthday crown and I need to finish the quilt for the NICU before her birthday and I have curtains cut but not finished and... I'm going to start a new project:

 I am learning

to quilt! Deborah Moebes, who is teaching me to sew via her fabulous book, Stitch by Stitch, is teaching an e-course on quilting. And even though I'm super worried about time being at a premium, I'm in! Look for very frequent blog updates as we go. Update: Deborah says that registration will remain open until Friday if you'd like to join us!


To live the liturgy:

I have rededicated myself to praying the Hours again, so grateful for worldwide community who prays with me.


Towards a Real Education

Marisa and I have been tweaking a Family Bible Study for over a year now. I think we've finally got it right. 


Towards Rhythm and Beauty

I'm recording my rhythm in this beautiful planner this year. And I have to say that just the sight of it makes me smile.

I am Hoping and Praying

for my birthday girl. 


Around the House

Leaf dipping is going to happen tomorrow. The leaves are not as pretty this year but Mary Beth was noticing yesterday that some pockets of the neighborhood have enough for us to scoop up. So we will.


From the Kitchen 

I metnioned these awesome cookie bars on Saturday. I'm happy to report that they have skyrocketed to the top of everyone's favorite cookie list. That's pretty high praise, as there are ten cookie experts in this house and it's rare they can all agree on anything, never mind a food thing. Go make some; your whole family will love you for it. But, um, rename them, as that name as it would not be a good idea to tell your husband you thought of him when you read the recipe. Becuase it's totally the chocolate and caramel that made you think of him and not the name. 

I'm pretty sure I'm making more for Bible Study today.


On my iPod:

My alarm clock, which is set to sound like church bells, as opposed to Mike's alarm clock which sounds like the soundtrack to the chase scene in an action movie.


One of My Favorite Things

boys who collectively give their sister the perfect birthday gift.


On the Calendar for the Week

 An early doctor's appointment this morning and then some focused sewing for the rest of the week. That quilting class starts today and I'm going to try not to become instantly obsessed. At the end of the week, we're going to Charlottesville. After spending the fall touring college campuses, Patrick has his last visit down at UVa this weekend.


Worth a Thousand Words


 Michael's girlfriend, Kristin, came to teach some eager Cake Bosses to make fondant roses while Mary Beth was at ballet last week. I think they made her a beautiful cake!