First Quilting Class

Nick has been begging to make a quilt since last summer. Nicky loves numbers and order and I think he might just have a bit of a crush on fabric, too. And, then, there's the whole competition thing. He's out to prove that anything Katie can do, he can do better. 

I managed to hold him off until Deborah launched her e-course. I know Nicky. And I know me. We both need Deborah--because we want to do it right. This course will step us through it. I'm going to make a sampler quilt of nine classic quilt blocks. I fully admit to having to overcome my desire for tidy and matchy-matchy and embrace the idea of a sampler. It helped tremendously to know that I have some very delicious Kate Spain Flurry set aside for the just such an opportunity.

When I watched the first video, when Deborah introduced all nine blocks, I also knew that there is no way I'm going to relinquish control over my seams and let Nicky sew. It would make me crazy. Also, I think he'd be frustrated. So, Nicky will be sewing a Layer Cake quilt, just piecing those 10X10 squares together and then backing and binding. After we both learn how to back and bind:-). He's all into Flurry, too. Of course, this fabric choice backs us into a corner and we need to have these finished in time for Christmas decorating.




Today's homework was practicing 1/4" seams. So, Nicky and I put the new presser foot on and we pieced together a playmat for the NICU. Every year, on Sarah's birthday (or roundabouts), we go back to the NICU and give them a handmade blanket. We were so grateful for the gift of a hand-crocheted blanket the day they unexpectedly told us we could take our baby home. The seasons had changed while we were incubating in that hospital and the blanket was a blessing.

Nicky and I took Sweet Nothings fat quarters (not many left) that I'd bought to applique curtains and used them instead as blocks on a playmat. We stitched the rectangles together (all seams are /14") and then followed these instructions for sandwiching the batting and and sewing the backing. The tutorial calls for actually quilting the playmat, but I wasn't brave enough. 

My girls love a blanket that Charlotte (just visited that link--you want to click; beautiful baby) made for Sarah and Charlotte didn't quilt. It's still perfect. We just edge-stitched all around our NICU blanket.  And I do kind of love the result. Nick is pleased. All is good.

There is still room in the e-course and Deborah is taking registrations through Friday. It would be totally easy for you to catch up now. I'd love to see you there!